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1997/1998 Much Music Toronto, Canada; 1997/1998 Jenny Jones Chicago, IL; 1997 MTV Jamz Manhattan, NY; 1997-1999 MTV “Radio" Manhattan, NY;
1998 Ricky Lake Manhattan, NY;
1998 Regis & Kathy Lee Manhattan, NY; 1998 The Groove Indianapolis, IN; 1998 Video Show Host Virginia Beach, VA;
1998 Video Show Host Washington, DC

- Multiple Publishers


JUMP; Billboard; Hype Hair; Girl; Right On; Black Hair; Source; Sister 2 Sister; DMA; Radio Trade Magazines; International Magazines

- Multiple Publishers


Top 10 Hot 100 Billboard – peak position #6

Nomination Lady of Soul Awards

Billboard Music Conference – Panelist
- Multiple


Joni pka INOJ


1994 ROWDY/Arista P.H.A.T. (Dallas Austin female group) 1996 Arista Background vocals Aretha Franklin Here We Go Again (remix) 1997 SO SO Def/Columbia Love You Down
SO SO Def Bass All-stars II – Platinum single

1998 SO SO Def/Columbia Time After Time
SO SO Def Bass All-stars III – Gold single

50+ performances Radio and Private Venues Backstreet Tour Various Dates 1999 Sony International Ready For the World (INOJ Album) N’Sync Tour 25+ Dates 75 plus performances (Radio and Private Venues)

2003 Sparrow Records Background Vocals Jadyn Maria
Too Hard Too Handle

2004 Virgin Records Background vocals Janet Jackson
My Baby


1994 Monica Rowdy/Arista 1994 PHAT Rowdy/Arista 1996 EOL RCA 1997 INOJ SO SO Def/Columbia 2003 Billy Crawford V2 (Virgin) 2003 Jadyn Sparrow/Virgin 2004 Janet Jackson Virgin


AFTRA- The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
ASCAP- The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers



Even after a 7-year hiatus from the international spotlight, INOJ’s longevity is impressive as she still easily swings thousands of spins a day on internet and radio. “Where ya been?” is the raving inquiry from her fans, and the quiet demand for this Electronica/Urban Popstress center stage return is on the rise.

After working with Dallas Austin as a member of ROWDY/Arista female group, P.H.A.T in the early 90s, INOJ began to make her mark as a writer and background vocalists for artists such as Aretha Franklin and Monica. Shortly after, she signed to So So Def/Columbia Records. Little did she know her solo venture would be a major highlight of the mid-late 90’s urban dance craze.

This Milwaukee native had us bumping the 808’s in our rides to the jam “Love You Down” that went Platinum and set her career ablaze. INOJ’s follow-up album, “Ready for the World”, delivered the Gold single, “Time After Time”, that carved her name in the hearts of fans all over the world indefinitely. Spending the next several years on tours with major artists, like N’Sync and Backstreet Boys and making mass media appearances, including MTV and Regis and Kathy Lee were her full-time gig. As she continued to push her debut album, she sustained her behind the scene track record. In 2004, she penned “My Baby” for Janet Jackson, and laced Janet’s recording as a background vocalist. All of this was only the beginning; the beginning of a thriving career and the evolution of an artist and songwriter whom we had only caught a brilliant glimpse.

“I want to reach all kinds of people through my music. You have only seen one side of INOJ; a whole other side exists and she is ready to present herself to the world”, says INOJ, alluding to her sophomore album. Her new album introduces the “real” Popstress named JONI (reversal of stage name, INOJ), due to release in 2007. Produced by partner, Jamie Portee, her soph album promises to arrest the hearts of her fans once again.

Some describe her sound as sweet and innocent, and others coin it captivating. But, all would agree that it’s simply… undeniable! Even more evident is the same purity of sound and soul, grounded to The Eternal Source, that destines her for a major impact sequel. She’s got the kinda stuff that will inevitably have radio playing her music again and again, and consumers making her a top pick… time after time.