In Orbit

In Orbit


In Orbit are a thundering two-piece, playing loud and heavy enough for a band double their size. Their formula: throw a bunch of stop-start rhythms, mix with frenetic drumming and layer with effects pedals. They also like cats.


"Led by guitarist/vocalist Cissi Tsang, In Orbit brought to the stage a unique mix of stop-start rhythms and unconventional rock riffing... It was great to see a female break up the afternoon, particularly while shredding like an absolute guitar demon!" - Drum Media

"I was told to watch this band by a friend because he said there was a crazy girl who'll blow you away." - Tom, from the crowd.

In Orbit is one of the most intriguing bands in Perth. How can a two-piece band generate enough sound to drown out bands twice their size? The secret lies in the pairing of powerful, unorthodox guitar riffs from Cissi and frantic, non-stop drumming from Tarik.

Classifying the band is difficult but it is best described as "heavy psychedelic". In Orbit plays with contrasts, with angular guitar riffs sitting next to intricate, classical melodies. The drums are part-funk, part-blast beats.

Cissi and Tarik started jamming in October 2012, and started gigging in January 2013. They have played at venues such as The Bird, The Rosemount, Swan Hotel, Railway Hotel and YaYas, as well as playing on the back of a flower-lined truck.

In Orbit are looking forward to releasing more music, touring, not breaking guitar strings on stage and playing with more cats.