In Parade

In Parade


We all need to dance, to throw our fists in the air, to bang our head, to get it out, to get down. What happened to the music that was fun and sexy, that provoked thought, that made us move? What happened to rock n roll?
In Parade is the new herald of the future of original rock n roll.


Born in Lawrence, Kansas (during a tornado) Donald Badaczewski was not aware his ear was being trained on summer trips by a father who himself had snuck out of his home in 1958, as a 15 year-old, to watch James Brown perform live at the Duke roller-rink in Detroit, Michigan. While watching a trail of his father's pipe smoke disappear out the window, from the backseat, most often times at night, and best when his mom and brother were asleep, great jazz and soul recordings were played on the radio and from tape recordings and it brought on pure wonder. This feeling was always heightened upon hearing a warm needle hiss introduce the 1963 record of James Brown's, "Live at the Apollo." The boy wanted to know what universe this happened in? Was the man, ok? Why were these girls shrieking so madly? Did James ever save them?

In Parade is Donald Badaczewski's musical collective. Currently he is working with David Gagliardi on guitar, Bryan Percival on bass, and Oskar Haggdahl on drums. Badaczewski created the record in studios in Lansing, Michigan, Little Silver, New Jersey, and Brooklyn, New York. Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz's bassist of 14 years, producer, and studio musician on over 200 albums) produced and played on Detroit Pimp and patiently taught Donald studio craft. The Grammy nominated producer Christian Castagno produced four songs from his home in Columbia. The engineers Jason LaFarge (Swans), Alex Newport (Mars Volta, At The Drive-In, Death Cab For Cutie), and Detroit's own Mark Ephraim (The New Pornographers, Bernie Worrell) kindly assisted Badaczewski in the completion of the project. The record was mastered by Alex Saltz, of APS Sound, NYC. Project Design and Identity by Matthew Kraus (Abercrombie & Fitch, Interview Magazine, Bottega Veneta).

Set List

1. Detroit Pimp
2. Take My Medicine
3. Good Shit
4. Pay For You
5. Ode To Noam
6. All Pink and Heaven
7. Rock N Roll
8. High Diver