In Perfect Cursive

In Perfect Cursive


In Perfect Cursive, emerging from humble roots in a small town North of Toronto, have evolved from a melodic acoustic duo into a raging rock machine, able to transcend genres and hold on to their vision; to write and perform music that is original, and true to the hearts of the band members.


In 2005 two friends struggling individually to find an outlet for their artistic prowess, rekindled the embers of a decade long friendship in hopes of bringing back the art of innovative, intelligent songwriting. Andrew McDill and Dale Norton began along a path of musical storytelling that they had hoped would lead them to be the most prolific songwriting duo to arrive on the music scene since McCartney and Lennon. After just a few short weeks the pair had their first performance at the annual Sutton Fair Battle of the Bands. Out gunned by the volume of the other bands, the boys still managed to capture the attention of the crowd, and the organizers of the event with their brilliant melodies, compelling harmonies and stage presence. Before the winners were even announced In Perfect Cursive had already been booked to open the Connors Music: Essential Evening of Music at the historic Stephen Leacock Theatre in Keswick, Ontario. Playing to a crowd of nearly 400 for their second gig proved that Dale and Andrew were on to something. In the following weeks their enthusiasm flowed out of their guitars. Song after song was written and perfected. A story of love, honour and betrayal began to unfold in the poetic verse Andrew, the lead vocalist, was conjuring. Unfortunately as the leaves began to turn, and autumn loomed, Dale was heading off to University and their dreams were dashed.

Fast forward to the spring of 2007; after realizing that University was not the place for him, Dale returned home to Sutton, back to his neighbour Andrew to hopefully pick up where they left off. Rusty, but full of ambition, the two felt like something was missing. They began transferring their graceful acoustic story to their electric guitars. This felt, and sounded right. From here on out In Perfect Cursive would be an electric outfit. The duo enlisted long-time friend Chris Crantson to provide the percussive engine they needed to accompany their epic endeavors into alternative rock. The chemistry between the three friends was undeniable, and inspiring. Still, without a solid bass player, the band was incomplete. Turning to the Internet and music store bulletin boards, the search for a bass player, who could bring to the table the musical prowess, and organic rhythmical drive the band needed had begun. Weeks of auditions and meetings with many musicians left the guys frustrated, and stranded. With nowhere else to turn, the band looked to their good friend
Mike Wigmore, dubbed "Pillz", to attempt the role of bassist. With little to no guitar experience Mike devoted hours of practice and study with Dale in order to bring his skill level up to the caliber of the band. Two months, and many calluses later, the transformation was astonishing. Through the hard work Pillz put in on the bass, the ominous percussive symphony of Chris, and the prodigious songwriting of Andrew and Dale, In Perfect Cursive had finally arrived.

The four friends spent the entire summer developing their sound. While maintaining integrity, the band strove to create catchy melodies and brace them with passionate lyrics, bold style and bona fide musicianship. Feeling that they really had something special they started inviting friends to listen to rehearsals and give them feedback. With every public rehearsal the boys were creating a network of friends and fans that were constantly wanting more. In September of 2007 the guys decided that they needed to satisfy the fans requests and record a demo. The boys put together a four song disc at Memory Records Studios. The Written by the Knife EP would quickly become a hot commodity. The first 100 they printed were gone in just one weekend.

Armed with their demo, and the confidence their peers inspired in them, In Perfect Cursive are heading to the stage to show the world that they are more than just another emo-rock clone. Drawing from such influences as Coheed & Cambria and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, In Perfect Cursive has a sound that showcases the member's innate passion, chemistry and their ability to create music that is purely their own. With songs ranging from full out rock to entire sonic adventures; In Perfect Cursive�s live show is both satisfying and inspiring.


The Betrayal

Written By: In Perfect Cursive

If I put my faith in you would my faith be faltered
If I lay it on the line is it all in vain
Have i wasted my time

I feel my strength in you
From left to right from left to right
We all believed in you
But I...feel betrayed tonight

How could you do this to me
You left me lost here f*#% and alone
You’ll feel my deathly grip from beyond the grave

I took you under my wing
I would have given you everything (and more)
Break my heart and break my neck
Take my crew and steal my ship
All in all I guess I’m proud of you
But I… feel betrayed tonight

This Machine

Written By: In Perfect Cursive

I’ll do what I can but the rest of them
Are up to you I know you can do this
The Captain chose you for this ship
And this ship for you so he knew you could do this too

I say we stand and fight I say we risk our lives
But the time has come and the deck is yours
So the last thing I say to you is…
What be your orders Captain

Gunner left and gunner right are you ready
Gunner port and gunner star are you ready
I need all hands on deck for this
And say your and say your prayers

Brought to a fight that we didn’t even start
I can’t believe we got this far
This Machine it marches on and on and on
Abandon ship if you want to save your lives
Brought to a fight that we didn’t even start
I can’t believe we got this far
This Machine it hounds us for our glory
You can fight but you’ll surely die
Shamed and slain as they run for their lives
Left alone here to die by the knife
I won’t relinquish my blade
All of you and we I’m not afraid
Deliver me can I trust a man Who’s sailed the seas…
As the Devils right hand

Will you join or will you die are you ready
Will you sail at my command are you ready
As I step on to his ship
I say my, I say my prayers

This Machine…..

Throne Of Bones

Written By: In Perfect Cursive

I tell a tale of a different time
Evil men they are my friends don’t be alarmed
My one true love was lost the day Sierra died
Now I’m doomed to sail a wicked life

First time I killed a man I felt alive
A small piece of her brought back to me
For many years I served for Hatchet Blythe

Now my world’s flipped upside down
And I’m filled with hate a greed but I’ve
Found my place in the world
I’ll never love again but the pain it starts to fade
Replaced with a power and I am lifted, I am lifted

Upon a throne of bones is where I lie (throne of bones)
No more mercy no heart left in me
I sail my ship upon a sea of blood

Regret she haunts my thoughts her dress in the wind
Tears streaming down my face
A ghostly remark and she’s gone what have I done
All the mistakes in my life can not be washed away

Where I Belong

Written By: In Perfect Cursive

These lies are vicious, he tells me tonight
And the price to be paid is life, life
My heart is breaking I just want a normal life

Alarming this fantasy played or maybe a lure for me
A mad man a ghost two, through me the will of you

Die, by gun or sword how with it be
Die, by the noose or thrown into the see (die)
By the sun or by the moon, I’m giving up on you (die)
I don’t know what she saw in your eyes but now you’ve got to die

We’re going home now the hopes of my son and I (the widow)
The widow she speaks of a place of an island far away
Ulysses solitude, the hope for me and you

From the depths of my heart I know
How much you want it (and I want it too)
Through the things that I brought on you
And how much I’m sorry
I know we’ll soon be together everything you and me
And with our son my work is done and we’ll be a family

How could this be now, a change of heart and change of sides
Out of his grip and into your heart into retreat and out of my mind
Take by love and disregard, the old me, Gunwalls dies…


Written By The Knife EP: Featuring- The Betrayal, This Machine, Throne of Bones and Where I Belong

Set List

The Betrayal, This Machine, D&D, By The Knife, Welcome To Tortuga, The Prequel, Break Out, Throne of Bones, Where I Belong