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"In Pictures-Self Titled"

It is extremely hard not to bring up the comparison of Radiohead when discussing In Pictures self titled debut album. Particularly when the first paragraph of the bio suggests that this is what Radioheads next album would have sounded like "if Radiohead had continued developing the guitar rock they had on "The Bends." That’s not a bad thing considering "The Bends" is the best thing Radiohead ever did, but I think it pigeonholes In Pictures to a place where they can't escape. Regardless of how well produced or well crafted the tracks are, within the first few measures of hearing the disc you are thinking Radiohead and that doesn't leave you for the rest of the album.

A good thing for these guys is that they do what they do well, and while you might think of another band while hearing them, you aren’t thinking of a crappy version of that band. These guys play well and have developed a nice sound. Vocalist Matt Brunner has a strong voice that does justice to all the tracks, and while the tonality of the album is like "The Bends" the tunes are original. I was digging on "In Memory Of", "Suffering Elegant" and the downtrodden vibe of "Song A". These guys are going to carry a lot of baggage by sounding a lot like Radiohead, but for a lot of people that is good baggage to carry.
- Nelson Heise-The Rift Magazine #21


In Pictures Self Titled Debut (Full Length), Release Date: 2006

In Pictures full length albums were distributed nationwide to colleges and radio stations in December 2006.

Mention of the album release was made in the January issue of "Rift" magazine, a Minnesota music and arts distribution.

"Floating Down" and "Problematic I" have been added to the on-air library of 89.3 The Current, a division of Minnesota Public Radio-one of the nation's premier public radio stations.

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In Pictures presses to canvas a familiar time, a familiar place, a familiar sense of the un-familiar...

In Pictures began in 2000 when Matt picked up a flyer that Edward had posted. Jonathan was a big recovery from losing our Bassist a year later and John Olson, lending his talents and adding even more substance during live performances, joined us in 2006. Over the years, we’ve continued to play at some of the best venues in the Twin Cities and consider ourselves very lucky. We enjoy doing what we do.

With our first full length album in the hands of the masses, we have begun recording for our next release. In Pictures combines tracks from our current album and our upcoming album into our live preformances.