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JP Corwyn crafts a distinct blend of rock, drawing from fists-up, pureblood rock and roll, pop, alternative and contemporary flavors, wowing listeners with a sound that is both distinct and accessible.


Corwyn works hard to imbue his songwriting with emotional punch, delivering catchy tunes that resonate within people’s minds and linger long after the show stops. “You shouldn't ever appologize for how you feel. What you do, maybe, but never how you really feel.” For JP Corwyn, the emotional content of his songs are merely the avatar  a representative face that stands for all that is human in the songwriters and the listeners.

Corwyn’s immeasurable passion for music stems back to his childhood. Music is a lifetime love for these musicians and the listener can readily detect this passion in the strains of the songs. “Someone once told me that I 'bleed' when I sing. Other people have described some sort of light around me when I'm up there. Whatever it is, people feel it when I sing, and that's a gift I'll never be greatful enough for.", Corwyn goes on to say, highlighting music’s ability to bring people together. Music also spans time and space, a quality noted by Corwyn: “Music can take you to any time and place & That’s a power beyond anything else man’s ever created. A bit lofty, but there it is.”

What makes a song good? "It has to be something that you feel, something that moves you. When music gets in your head, not just because it's catchy, but because you 'feel' something, and everytime it rolls around in your head, you feel that something again... 'that' is what makes a song'good'." Writing songs with which people can relate requires artists to be perceptive. One has to look everywhere. Says Corwyn, “I’m inspired by pretty much everything around me.” An artist must also be ready to respond to inspiration at a moment’s notice; one must stay alert. According to Corwyn, “The word ‘the’  if said just right in a given sentence  can send my mind into writing mode. But I think the thing that inspires me the most is the crowd.” And we circle back again to unity via music. Corwyn and Co. hold the crowd in high esteem and seek always to affect the listener with strong music.

“With the first full-length album in the bag, recorded with multi-platinum winner Michael Seifert, it's time to tour, and then hit the studio again." Corwyn says. "The hunt for a label is finally over, we've signed with Empty Vessel Music out of Atlanta, but label or not, the music keeps coming." The CD "In Plain Sight" will reveal to all the talent that ripples through this band.

A good piece of music will crawl into your head, and set up shop in your bones for a while. You'll feel the same, sometimes bitter-sweet emotion every time you hear the song, or section of a song. You'll request, or replay the song over and over until you've milked it for every last drop of that emotion - whatever feelings it brings up in you. EV is one of those rare organizations that not only gets that truth, but turns it into something galvanizing.

Empty Vessel grabs onto that sense, that "feeling" music brings out, and flips it into a force for change where change is needed the most. Everyone wants to sell records. Everyone wants to be "that band" or "that guy" or "girl" on the radio, or on stage, or both. EV, again, takes that drive, that sometimes physical need for your voice, or your songs to get out there, and uses it to further good, positive works. An organization like this makes us better then ourselves - keeping a sharp focus on the good we can do with what we've been given, rather then the good we can be given, for what we can do.


In Plain Sight
**Single** I Will Wait