In Rare Form

In Rare Form

 San Francisco, California, USA

Whiskey Drinking Ass Shaking Groove Rock!


IN RARE FORM is comprised of three musicians who like to take music to new levels. The summer of 2001 was the debut of IN RARE FORM’s original San Francisco rock-and-roll sound, but the band “formed” much earlier, as its members have been playing together for years. IN RARE FORM keeps the crowd groovin’ through inventive mandolin solos, powerful vocals, infectious bass lines, creative guitar chops and the occasional unannounced, infamous donut-eating contest, starring the Lekas brothers. All in all, the band has one goal in mind: to extract the best out of each member and bring it to the stage.
The foundation for IN RARE FORM begins with the Lekas brothers. Having played together for over 10 years, Erik and Mark share a musical chemistry only known to siblings. Erik is a prolific lyricist, whose vocals lead much of the band’s numbers. His dynamic bass lines energize the music, underlying much of its tone and animation. Younger brother, Mark, is exceptionally creative on the mandolin, taking the instrument to new levels of experimentation and improvisation. Mark truly has invented his own signature style, which combines his “Dawgesque” approach to music and his background as an electric guitar player.
IN RARE FORM’s drummer, Steve Strehler, holds the group together with his experience and knowledge of music. He is able to pull the different sounds of Mark’s mandolin, and electric guitar. IN RARE FORM recorded its first studio CD in April 2002. This self-titled album has been played on 93.7 KSFM in San Francisco, Vermont, Colorado, Arkansas, Germany, Slovinia, UK, Bagdad and 97.1 FM in Los Angeles. The band is continuing to learn and grow as it constantly books and plays more live shows. IN RARE FORM’s second CD, which is in production, will have 12 new songs and has a target release date set in April 2007. With a planned national tour this summer, In Rare Form is looking to take their Whiskey Drinking Ass Shakin Groove Rock to anew audiences everywhere.

IN RARE FORM has performed at the following venues:
Broadway Studios (SF); Tongue & Groove (SF); Hard Rock Café (Newport Beach, CA); Red Devil Lounge (SF); Wente Vineyards— acoustic set (Livermore, CA); Hotel Utah (SF); Blake’s (Berkeley, CA); Lost & Found (SF); Ocean Fest-Farallones Marine Sanctuary (SF); Ireland’s 32 (SF); The G Street Pub (Davis, CA); Sweet Springs Saloon (SLO, CA); Josh Slocumb’s (Newport Beach, CA); Dave & Buster’s (Orange, CA); Last Day Saloon (SF, CA), Absinthe (Santa Barbara, CA)Compass Commuinty Charity Holiday Party (SF, CA); Great American Music Hall among others.
IN RARE FORM is interested in booking club dates, indoor/outdoor concerts and benefits. Log on to to view photos, schedules, listen to mp3s, etc. Contact the band for additional booking information at 415.885.1949 or write to:
In Rare Form
1238 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94133



Written By: In Rare Form


Karmacy the widow

She never got back from Mars.

She fell off of the mountain

And flew off to the stars.

Although she lost her vision

She still remained to see

that everything that came her way

was truly meant to be.

And what this you speak of your ability?

Its taken a long time to win your loyalty.

We all walk a thin line when it comes to being free.

In good taste, in bad times there's always Karmacy.

Karmacy had lost her way

-got off of the path.

Threw away her good luck charm

pulled the monkey off her back.

Placed her magic token

on top of the spinning wheel

and everyday filled up that way

never missed a meal.


where you going to run tonight?

where you going to hide?

Karmacy would drink her wine

for water was to plain.

Talking late to all the men in town

drove all the boys insane.

Karmacy had fallen

got up with a smile

I told you that she lost her way,

it was only for a while.


One Step Behind

Written By: Jon Betti

One Step Behind

Slide on in,

take your seat,

next to the throne.

Rise above to the light,

to the light that has shown.

We all live under a wayward sky,

I'll lift you up,

I'll lift you high.

You're one step behind.


Breath in all this world,

Drink up all my wine,

I'll pack up the best of the earth,

fine women, my dog, take my job.


Self Released Debut Album, 2002 In Rare Form
We have had radio play in many college towns, in SF, LA, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Oregon. Also, Radio play internationally Japan, Slovania, Germany and recently Bagdad

Set List

Released on CD
Long Dusty Road Shea Stone / Mark Lekas Erik Lekas
One Step Behind Jon Betti Jon Betti
Searching For a Dream Tim Miller Erik Lekas
Soul Tub Jon Betti Erik Lekas
Blind Man Tim Miller Tim Miller
Karmacy Jon Betti Erik Lekas
Arroyo Seco Tim Miller / Mark Lekas Erik Lekas
Green Green Grass Tim Miller Tim Miller
Rise and Shine Jon Betti Erik Lekas

G-String Mark Lekas
Unemployment Blues Jon Betti Mark Lekas / Jon Betti
Dead Battery Jon Betti Erik Lekas
Colorado Rise Jon Betti Jon Betti
Turn You Out Tim Miller Erik Lekas
Cats Jon Betti Erik Lekas
Shake It On Down Erik Lekas Erik Lekas
Lady in the Front Row Tim Buxton Tim Miller
Stephanie Erik Lekas Erik Lekas
You Make Me High Shea Stone Erik Lekas
Moving On Jon Betti Jon Betti
Treat Me Right Mark Lekas / Tim Miller Tim Miller
47th Avenue Mark Lekas

Acoustic Tunes

Stumblin For My Peace of Mind Shea Stone Erik Lekas
Pass the Whiskey Mark Lekas M