We're a 3-piece metal group from New York that formed in 2003. Our songs are awesome and original The only thing else I can say is, give one of our songs a minute of your time and see what we're about, the songs speak for themselves.


Our influences come from all sorts of music and forms of entertainment. We're influenced by everything around us. What sets us apart from other bands? The question really should be what DOESN'T set us apart from other bands. We're interested in creating something completely new, not to give you what every other metal band already has.


We recorded a CD called 'Year of the Monkey' in Jan' 2004. We also have a ton of new demo-quality songs. All are available for download at We have some songs uploaded onto as well.

Set List

We will play sets as long as we have to. The longest set we've played was 3 hours, which included our original songs and cover songs of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.