In Reverse

In Reverse



In Reverse is a 4 piece rock band flavoured by intense vocal harmonies and textured guitars, all driven by a pounding rhythm section. Together the group is a fusion of rocks roots; brilliantly matching the heartfelt power of Rory Gallagher to the soulful passion of the Beatles; all the while taking the audience on an intense musical ride. Never content to stick to the conventional boundaries, IR has developed a unique style, inspired by bands of the late 60's and early 70's. The band strives to write memorable songs, choosing to ignore the trends and fads that have become the norm in the the industry. Listeners will find their music binding and emotionally charged, with soaring riffs immersed in lyrical freedom. These are songs that can be readily identified with; yet most importantly remain catchy and fun.


In Reverse EP (2004)

Set List

Originals (45-60 minute setlist)
Oh No This Time
My Aching Head
Keep it to Yourself
When You Got Home
That’s the Story
Deepest Purple
Thanks For Coming
The Spill
Clearly Spoken
Dream Behind the Wheel
Covers we have done
All My Loving, A Day In the Life - Beatles
Mothers Little Helper - Stones
No Sissies/Bullets - Hawksley Workman
Star - Steelers Wheel
Everything You’ve Done Wrong - Sloan
Nice Legs Shame About The Face - The Monks