In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands


In Safe Hands is all about having a good time, playing the music they love and are passionate about. They want to share their ideas with anyone who is willing to listen. From catchy choruses, to heavy breakdowns, to melodic grooves there's something for everyone.


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In Safe Hands likes to blend elements of late 90s pop punk with new age pop punk, drawing influences from bands like Four Year Strong, Hit The Lights, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Cowabunga, Mathletes, Forever The Sickest Kids and Anberlin. The band was founded by Randy Frobel and has seen member changes up until the current line-up, consisting of ex-Down on Beford bassist Rory Mayhew, and ex-Harmonic Distortion bandmates Cameron Morrison and Mitchell Chevrier, as well as guitarist from The Courtship, Terrence McAuley.


In Safe Hands [EP]

Set List

It's Alright (Cuz I'm Saved By The Bell)
From Coast To Coast
New Song
It May Be Short But It Sure Is Skinny
Hands Up, It's A Stick Up

Approx. 20 Minute Set