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2006: Egyetlen A Sorban (Hungarian language EP)
2005: King Of Fools
2004: ICBad EP
2003: XXI. Century Poison
2002: Searching For Thoughts
2000: Unhappy DEMO
1999: Got Nothing To Do?! DEMO
+ collection albums (BPRNR Comp., Metal Hammer stb.)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Insane was founded in 1998 by Gábor Érsek and Oszkár Knapp. We gave our first concerts in 1999, but then the songs were mostly standard coversongs and just a few of our own. In the same year we recorded a 4 song-demo.

We supported headliner Freshfabrik on their Hungarian tour in 2000. The same year we completed our first tour playing 10 locations. The single called Speech of Dead song, which was recorded at Denevér studio was featured in Shock Magazin’s collection album and it was played several times on the country-wide radio station EST FM.

In 2001 we embarged on a longer tour, and we made at bigger festivals like PEPSI Island. At that time we played only song of our ownmaking and the concept of the debut album started materials.
In this year we appeared often at rockclubs in Budapest and we get a chance to introduce ourself before that famous bands like Destiny or Running Like Thives.

We became country wild reputation. In January 2002 we published the firs LP (Searching for Thoughts), what low budget determined its sounding, but it was created positive feedback from the public.
The LP’s premiere tour performed before the first Hungarian rockband (Tankcsapda) and other famous bands (Action, Superbutt, Freshfabrik) brought the breakthrough, and we were invited not just to bigger festivals but music and other television channels too. The low budget clip (Play) was made in July became a determining Insane-hit. This year we won the second place in hundreds of volunteers at a talent spotter by Warner Music Hungary and VIVA TV.

After we recorded our debut album, during our serial concerts Insane matured and started to write songs for the second LP. Several times we were invited by more famous bands and we had more own invitation. In this year we could make concerts abroad too.
The same year we made at all of the biggest festivals (Sziget Festival etc.) and we became the most intensive live performers in Hungary. At the end of this year we started record our second LP.

We recorded our LP called XXI. Century Poison, which generated honourable mention on the part of the profession and the public as well. The reason was that the music and the sounding was a great leap forward as compared to our firs LP. After several member-change Insane flared to a two-guitarist band. This set-up modified the live performance of the earlier recorded songs and stage-setting became more colourful. In this year we towered above our success: we could play all over Europe (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Serbia and Slovakia). This tour was called: Get Poisoned Now!
We made 3 clip for this LP (Poor Silence, Blood of the Machine, Voyeur) and several songs was featured in more collection albums. Thanks to our member-freshening we get going to write a new EP called ICBad half year later than we recorded our second LP. This EP was not for sale, it was downloadable from our official website ( The positive welcome of the EP we kept on the new way and went to studio to record our third CD. This year Insane was nominated for “Best modern rockband of Hungary” by Viva Television.
After the success of ICBad our concerts – own and festival made - became very popular. We could play before more famous band like D. R. I, Deep Insight etc.

The third record King of Fools was recorded in the beginning of March 2005 after two month long intent studiowork. Because of we shoved off our former style and created our new sounding, the new LP attracted more public to the band’s fans. After the record a longest tour (Tour of Fools) was started, Insane has ever had: all the year long. First part of it is going to 25-30 stages Hungarian tour, what follow the summer festivals (performs together NAPALM DEATH, PRO-PAIN, DIECAST, EKTOMORF etc.)
And the first music video from King of Fools (Scare the crows) was born. VIVA and other TV-stations played this one several times.
In october, 2005, half year after the release, we had an album release show at Kultiplex, and it was absolutely sold out.
After the release show, thanks to our abroad promoter, the album was released in Western-Europe, and we god really positive reactions from the scene,and the fans too. After the european release, we made a 3-week european tour, where insane got planty more fans, and new connections, and played with well-known bands, like Dark Day Dungeon. During this tour we reached the following countries:
Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovakia. We’ve got really positive reactions at all the gigs, and we’ve got lots of reinvitations too.
We appeared on lots of compilations throughout the year, but the most important maybe, was getting into Slamzine magazine, where our song called „the run” was released in 30,000 pieces, in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.
In 2006, .Insane summarized the mos