Insane War Tomatoes

Insane War Tomatoes


We put on a great show and entertain the peoples


Since the era before the dawn of time, the vegetable warriors have lay dormant underground while the putrid scum of humanity infested the earth. Watching the travesty that is mankind participate in horrors ranging from Celine Dion concerts to teen abstinence rallies, the denizens below the ground increased their powers through the rage they felt at what they saw. Now the revolution is at hand, and every man and woman must bow down to be enslaved by the Insane War Tomatoes, or face the wrath of the Superior Race of Fauna!


Single: "I Rock, You Suck" b/w "ILIAA"

Set List

30 minutes of rockin' and 15 minutes of mayhem
"Insane Rambo Youth"
"I Rock, You Suck"
"Ragin' Volcano"
"Spirit of Elvis (Soldier of Satan)"
"Bubonic Tonic"