Vancouver, Washington, USA

If you like the Ventures instrumental rock-n-roll you'll love our modernized energizing approach--original in technique and content, whimsical, intense, upbeat, never simply repetitious--and lots of fun. We engage audiences with humor and dramatic guitar techniques. It is music for fall ages.


About half our songs are our own originals, including short rock-n-roll versions of great classical music. The cover songs we play are rearranged to our style. Our arrangements focus on energizing and whimsical guitar sounds. We have developed a broad array of original guitar techniques, riffs, and sounds that are jammed with emotional energy. Most of our songs have a twangy chimey sound with reverb. A few sound like acoustic guitar but with markedly greater sustain. Other songs use our unique multi-drive electric guitar (as in "Head-Spin"), which sounds like a combination of overdriven guitar, bassoon, and brass band.

Lead guitarist Conrad Swartz writes our originals, engineers recordings, and manages our business. He has doctorates in medicine and engineering, with many professional publications and extensive business experience. Bassist Ralf Palin has enormous stage presence as well as musical proficiency. Percussionist Don Wenke specializes in surf-rock music and is a fireball drummer. Guitarist Michael Brock has decades of experience in performing as a pop music guitarist, giving a depth and variety unusual for surf-rock bands.


June 2010 "Whimsical Surf" 17 song CD available from CD Baby,, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

July 2010 our original "Squid Chase" in compilation by Deep Eddy Records, as yet untitled.

2007 "Dark Surf Collection" 16 song CDR available now only as downloads from CD Baby. This is superseded by "Whimsical Surf"

2009 "Sandbagged Bagdad Blues" vocal streaming on

Set List

We vary the set list to suit the venue audience. A typical set list includes guitar timbres of three types: 1) traditional twangy or surf-y, 2) fingerpicked acoustic guitar-like, and 3) multi-drive, our unique guitar effect that sounds like a combination of overdriven guitar, bassoon, and brass band.

Part I. Twangy or surf-y, flatpicked
1. Hawaii Tattoo (rearranged cover), 138 bpm
2. Undertow (original) 150 bpm
3. Journey to the Stars (cover), 140 bpm
4. Dance Like a Robot (original), 146 bpm
5. Walk Don't Run 64 (cover), 140 bpm
6. Squid Chase (original), 150 bpm
7. Lost in the 3rd Dimension (original), 135 bpm
8. Surfin' the Stars (original), 146 bpm
9. Froggy's Magic Twanger (original) 132 bpm
10. MisiGila (rearranged public domain) 140 bpm

Part II. Pseudo-acoustic, fingerpicked
11. California Dreamin' (rearranged cover), 118 bpm
12. Apache (cover), 123 bpm
13. Fantwango (original), 128 bpm

Part III. Multi-drive
14. Out of Limits (rearranged cover), 130 bpm