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Vancouver, Washington, United States | SELF

Vancouver, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review of "Whimsical Surf" CD"

Interesting at times quirky rock instrumentals with a modern's hard not to be impressed by the songwriting and performing skill...they even take on the tough classical surf genre. - Continental Magazine #18

"3 page Interview + top CD review + cover mention Spring 2011"

Issue #85 Spring 2011 of "Pipeline the Rock Instrumental Magazine" mentions The Insanitizers on the cover (only 4 groups are mentioned). Inside are a glowing review of our "Whimsical Surf" CD released in 2010 and a three page interview with our guitarist Conrad. Pipeline is the world's leading periodical about action rock-n-roll guitar instrumental music (including surf rock). - Pipeline Music Review Magazine from Great Britain

"50 Local Bands You Should Hear"

Insanitizers: Original surf rock in a frenzy. - The Vancouver Voice (newspaper)

"Guitars Center Stage with CONRAD SWARTZ of The Insanitizers"

Released in time for Summer 2010, The Insanitizers have a rave up on Whimsical Surf. The 17 cut all instrumental CD is just the ticket to get things moving in this summer heat. Interestingly, all the tracks were written and/or arranged by Insanitizers guitarist Conrad Swartz, who really cuts loose with a blockade of power chords and roaring surf-rock licks while getting some rocking support from Tim Ennis and Mike Martin (percussion) and Ralf Palin (bass). In addition to a love of The Ventures and Dick Dale, Conrad and company also like to surf out on vintage classical melodies from classicists like Tchaikovsky, Rossini and Grieg while also sporting some interesting influences like Alfred Hitchcock’s theme song! All done surf-style, Whimsical Surf is pretty authentic from start to finish. The CD sounds great and the band has done a super job packaging their silver disc CD with excellent digi-pak graphics. Check The Insanitizers out on and and Facebook! ...

This is followed by a photo interview with our lead guitarist Conrad Swartz - Music World Express 3000

"review of "Dark Surf Collection" 2007"

Rating: (originally 5 stars out of 5, changed to 4 stars)
"Well this is one aptly titled disc. Surf transmuted through gigantic metallic darkness, as if Ozzy was from Malibu. Lots of very interesting and engaging tracks here, with plenty of surfisms amidst the mayhem...intense playing...relentless caught in the soup feeling...quite grows on you despite your best effort...the manic energy and intense edginess really convey what it's like to be ADHD. Quite amazing...certainly unbalanced in the most creative way...Big thunder and energy like The Lone Ranger only wished for. Wow!...this is a giant among strange surf epics naturally I love it...quite insane...It's raucous, annoying, and thoroughly makes Alfred Hitchcock squirm... - www.ReverbCentral -- disc jockey Phil Dirt

"review of "Whimsical Surf" CD, July 2010"

(Overall rating 4 out of 5 stars)
This is a highly inventive set of songs. Those whacky Insanitizers take you places...when you arrive your grin takes over...Not your average surfband...barely surf, but if you like those mid sixties British instros, modern edgy tone, and aren't afraid of the looks you get from your friends when it's on the car stereo, this will likely brighten your day. All fuss, no muss, or as they say in Texas, all hat, no cattle! Too much fun!

...Interesting and engaging...thoroughly delightful...a Mozart polka that really does...infectious and pretty and really good engaging track with a grinning riff and rich twang, rich desert stomp sound...pulsing with grit and panache - -- disc jockey Phil Dirt

"review of Dark Surf Collection" 2007"

"...there is something about this one that strikes a chord wtih me...the fringes of surf music...Spooky oddball fun." - garage and beat magazine


June 2010 "Whimsical Surf" 17 song CD available from CD Baby,, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

July 2010 our original "Squid Chase" in compilation by Deep Eddy Records, as yet untitled.

2007 "Dark Surf Collection" 16 song CDR available now only as downloads from CD Baby. This is superseded by "Whimsical Surf"

2009 "Sandbagged Bagdad Blues" vocal streaming on



About half our songs are our own originals, including short rock-n-roll versions of great classical music. The cover songs we play are rearranged to our style. Our arrangements focus on energizing and whimsical guitar sounds. We have developed a broad array of original guitar techniques, riffs, and sounds that are jammed with emotional energy. Most of our songs have a twangy chimey sound with reverb. A few sound like acoustic guitar but with markedly greater sustain. Other songs use our unique multi-drive electric guitar (as in "Head-Spin"), which sounds like a combination of overdriven guitar, bassoon, and brass band.

Lead guitarist Conrad Swartz writes our originals, engineers recordings, and manages our business. He has doctorates in medicine and engineering, with many professional publications and extensive business experience. Bassist Ralf Palin has enormous stage presence as well as musical proficiency. Percussionist Don Wenke specializes in surf-rock music and is a fireball drummer. Guitarist Michael Brock has decades of experience in performing as a pop music guitarist, giving a depth and variety unusual for surf-rock bands.