in seasons

in seasons

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Take pop chords and melodies then make them heavy and spacey THEN... structure them in a very progressive way.


in seasons is a montreal based rock/pop/progressive group. in seasons have been together for over 5 years and have played some of the hottest venues in Montreal included Club Soda, Kola Note and le divan orange. We believe in always pushing the limit and making music that is very different. This sets us apart from many of the other bands out there. It is very difficult to categorize in seasons because our music comes at you from all angles. We could be fast, heavy, slow, spacey and even very poppy at times. We just finished recording our debut EP "Oneironaut" which we are very proud of. The EP was self produced and self recorded. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves as musicians and songwriters and we believe strongly in what we do. All the members of in seasons grew up together playing in different bands until finally we all came together to form this band. It took a little while for us to find our identity, we didn't just want to be your typical rock band. We set out to be different and we have become very comfortable in those shows. We constantly rehearse for shows and are constantly writing new material to keep our shows fresh. Some of our influences include minus the bear, incubus, nine inch nails, the deer hunter, frank zappa among many, many others.



Written By: in seasons

The days that hypnotize
Are falling from me
And I cant remember why I don’t
Sit in the rain, pouring on me
Cause I cant save us

When your spinning down the fast line
And you’re doing everything that I try
Some kind of way where I know I’ll get away

Simplest people, do you understand
Big dreams, small ambitions, believe

These days that never moved an inch into

Save us tonight separate from the truth
As we go in
Clear your space, no clutter in your room

Watch them run as fast as eyes could see
The sound that drowns as its all you leave
It takes you apart and throws your life away
Take my hand is all that I could say
Your building walls to separate the frail
Take my hand back again

Faintly Colored Windows

Written By: in seasons

Watch the ground hit the sky
See them all try and hide
What it is and what could have been
And what is always here within
The prize never came

Faintly colored windows
Keeping the light outside
Darker than light
Faintly colored windows
And the longest road could tell
What time never felt

I can’t think that fast
Im going under, going under
All that seems to pass
Staring from the closet
Places they used to hide
Dim lights, dark and somber
These places nobody seems to go

All that could be shown
And all that should be known
Finds a way to slip your mind
And fall out
The way you saw them
Get inside your head

Keeping the light outside
Keep them away
Faintly colored windows
Keeping the light outside
Keep them away
Faintly colored windows


EP's: Oneironaut- 2011
Singles: Nadal -2008

The entire Oneironaut EP is streaming on Facebook, band camp and soundcloud and is available for free download. The Nadal single is available to listen to on the band myspace.