Inside Amnesia

Inside Amnesia


Alice In Chains Meets Aretha Franklin, Black Female Lead prior performances and recording prior to Sevendust as Black Female Lead with Adrogynous Vox. Drummer addt'l band leader as featured by Martha Dumptruck origional drummer.



Was in a alternative / rock band in nyc in the 90s. It was Alice N Chains meets Aretha Franklin for the following reasons. I am a powerhouse sexy and talented black female vocalist. Funny to mention Aretha Franklin, who just celebrated a birthday?, ..well thats always the twist put on describing my grunge yet soulful vocals. Bsides being offered a contract with ny band to record under a name producer. i hold another accomplishment; Auditioning with over 700 performers in a two block radius between Manhattan's Duane & Reade on Franklin, at Michael Dorf's Knitting Factory, i landed a callback with a talent firm in midtown manhattan for broadways "rent" production. It was a blind audition out of the classifieds section of the Village Voice. Sang 4 non blondes "whats going on", and believe me i can belt..over distortion, power chords, samplers, white noise, evrything.

For the band that i was in, i managed all the bookings: cbgbs, arlenes grocery, knitting factory, don hills,mcgoverns pyramid, brownies, acme undergound, continental divide, lions den (now sullivan hall, and d-generations coney island high and the mainstay bi-monthly performance at Tom H.'s Nightengale's, where Blues Travelers, Jaik Miller Band (Xanax25) were holding up the stools, ... not the other way around. It was there that the nyc music scene exposed [me] to new music like my undisputed favorites: Lick (Invisible Records), Human Waste Project (Hollywood Records), who headlined bill with Sevendust at Tramps, and others... like Vitamin D. It was in the East Village that this first musical work, DSM3's vocals and lyrical artistry, was complimented by Cory Glover of Living Color, and also Bobby Shehan. DSM3 was a predecessor to the now artistic community in Williamsburg and all throughout Brooklyn as well ,actually, as one of the original bands to perform at the D.U.M.B.O. festival, one of its firsts.

About VOX:
After graduating Red Bank Regional Performing Arts Little Silver,NJ Rutgers Summer Arts Institute/Piscataway,NJ New School University Jazz and Contemporary Music, Chamber Music Courses at Mannes College, NY on Classical Flute, and Entertainment Law and PR Classes at C.U.N.Y, held many internships in the city for major labels, talent managers (Dennis Arfa / Artist Group International & Bruce Garfield for LFO & Sinead O'Conner) and also did promotion (Island/Axiom Records & EMI/Capital). That was the day gig. To support Manhattan's exorbitant rent. The night job was always in some Venue or Restaurant (Visiones Jazz, Club 101, Augies Jazz dba SMOKE, and The Village Underground with Legendary Concert Promoter Steve Weitzman of SW Presents., etc. ... I also lived in Miami Beach and was a pirate internet radio scout and host for djs (residents and international) dub/electronic and [for] underground/unsigned hip hop as a developer of, where a basement studio grew to PRESENT DAY:now holding talent, globally, on the Sony Roof Building on Lincoln Road.

"My instincts are based on kicking down doors, survival, darwinism, being a free spirit and enjoying the process while undergoing unearthly extreme challenges and moral and mental struggle simultaneously."

Although, originally Jenn, [who] recorded mentioned "spec" deal with DSM3, (as lyricist with compositional, melodic and rhythmic input, ) she has been on a long, long hiatus musically. After a brief introduction to a recording facility LakeHouseMusic.Net (by Producer Jon Leidersdorff), an opportunity to work on a performance project has surfaced as guitar riffs, drums and some alternative rock lyrics have come to her in dreams. The music scene in NJ, that she had been previously unexposed to, has created a speculation that something creative for this singer has shown that her music may be under fire again...

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IMBD.COM lead track Blondie Cameo "red lipstick" independent film about Lower East Side Manhattan circa 1990s