Inside Melina

Inside Melina


Reminds of Creed, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Papa Roach. Just better.
Energized, with great live performance. Very committed band members. No stress, no arguments. Life the Rock way.


Founded in 2008, this NuMetal Crossover band wrote and played own songs from the beginning.

Many changes in band members were needed until they finally found the perfect team to work with.
Since 2010, they wrote over 250 Songs that are not only professionally arranged but as well as airplay-able as energized.
Inside Melina created a unique sound and released their first album in December 2011.

For Mixing and Mastering, they didn't hire no less than Brian Gardner from Bernie Grundman Studios.

For that reason, their album is a first release masterpiece.


2012 - airplay on radiostation (Song "Nowhere to go to")
2011 - !st Album: Another Kind of Silence (mixed by Brian Garder - Bernie Grundman Studios)