Inside\Out Jazz

Inside\Out Jazz

 Chaska, Minnesota, USA

It is fun jazz that is accessible too because it is built around recognizable melodies (like The Simpsons theme) with a touch of rock ( from bands like The Police). The band has an exciting Santana- like electric guitarist that shares the lead role with a cool sax man.


We play jazz but mix in our influences from rock and pop: Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Miles Davis, Jerry Mulligan, Dave Brubek, Joshua Redman, The Police, Joni Mitchell.

But what really sets us apart are three things.
1. Its a jazz band, but you know these tunes! We use tunes people know, even if they are just rock or pop listeners. But every one is our unique arrangement, played very tightly.
2. We have a very good "show" with an energetic guitarist and a great "banter" between the two leads, which can adapt really well to any type of crowd.
3. We play uptempo and funky stuff anchored around the bass, so you tap your foot to this all the time. The bass player toured with Carl Carlton and Rick James. 'nuff said.


Inside\Out Jazz, Live at CJs is our only release, and it just came out, so we are working on airplay.

Set List

3 sets, 1 hour each typically, but we can cover more easily. A sample of tunes is available at