Inside Riot

Inside Riot

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

We Are A Punk Rock Band From Montreal , Quebec

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Big Wheel Records
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Were a punk rock band from montreal we like to go on tour alot! we formed in mid 2008 and have been touring and playing shows ever since we have released 2 full length records and a Split 7'' With a rad band from Windsor called shared arms we have have toured across Canada a few times and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

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The Glory Years

Written By: Inside Riot


Remember when we were a little younger
Back when the only thing that mattered
Was getting good grades
And how we behaved
Nothing to care for
And i feel as we grow older
Life starts to get harder
No time to have fun
Everyday is a re run
The stress takes over!

Just put yourself in the place
Where the sky is always shining down blue
Kick the dark days away
Try to smile when it rains
And youll see
Punch your stress in the face
Tell it all to go away
And youll be ok
i promise everything will be ok

i was thinkin back to the days
eating pizza in steves garage
playin all our favorite songs
with not a care in the world
hours after hours wed play
and ill never forget those breaks
smokin cigs across the street
and we spoke of how wed do this
until the day we died

Its always worked
For me

365 Spadina

Written By: Inside Riot


I keep coming back to this same place over again
Stuck in this Vicious cycle, but I never want it to come to an end.
Spinning our wheels, we'll dig them deeper way into the ground
It doesn't matter cause we'll bring it back, bring it back around.

Running in circles all over again,
Don't wanna leave this place,
I wish this time would never end.
Scraping our knees, we'll watch it all bleed out
They'll never catch us,
This is what it's all about

We don't know what's coming next
Bending over backwards, breaking  necks
And We'll paint all of these streets black
Without a clue when we will be back

living faster than we ever have before
Spreading ourselves way too  thin
 were always be back for more
Good times flowing over,
 slipping through our hands
Headed nowhere fast

We wont leave
Without everything we want and everything we need
We wont go
Without everything we want and everything we need


Seld Titled First Album Available on Itunes

Split 7'' W/Shared Arms

New Album ''The Glory Years'' Streaming At
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