Insignia's music can be described as alternative post-grunge indie rock with influences from bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, Rush, Nirvana, and Silverchair. Their songs are filled with creative dynamic changes, intelligent lyrics, and emotionally driven vocals.


Hailing from Thousand Oaks (California), consisting of Justin Kochan, Colin Dawson, Jason Paul Lopez, and Myke Pellerino. Insignia formed in 2002 when all of the groups members were students at Thousand Oaks High School. By the time they had all graduated high school in 2003, Insignia had already recorded two EPs and played at many important venues in Southern California including the Viper Room, Key Club, the Ventura Theater, and the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.


Insignia : "Self Titled EP" - 2004, Supersonic Music, Inc.

Insignia : "Halfway to the Clouds EP" - 2003, Self-Produced.

Set List

1. Long Night
2. Swallowing Dreams
3. Overture
4. Free
5. Summer to Winter
6. The Fire
7. Buried More Than Once
8. Everyday
9. The Rain