We are 3 guys who just love music, whether its just jamming in the basement or to a crowd of 10 000 people, its all good!


Every once and a while, a group of musicians comes along and enters your body and soul in such a way that you are forever altered. Very subtly at first it enters your ears and moves throughout your body filling every vein, carefully imposing itself onto your genetic make up just enough so that you can never look back the same way again. Welcome to Insignia… The brainchild of three unique and gifted musicians bred on passion, soul and unrelenting conviction. Insignia uses the Rock genre as a base, and allows their music to move beyond convention. Larry “the Animal” Greczi creates the bedrock of this enigma with his command of earth shattering percussion that pours with essence of Rock majesty. Ryan “Big Red” Parton pushes the boundaries through his powerful and often brutal authority over the bass guitar. The charismatic and often brilliant guitar and vocal works of Rich Greczi creates the final pillar in the pyramid of power that is Insignia. So sit back, and breath for the last time as your previous self. For what you are about to witness will leave you forever changed…


Self Titled
Demo Run 2

Hey You is played on Conestoga Radio, and our songs from Demo Run 2 are on CBCRadio3

Set List

Whole Lotta Love
Black Angel
Baba O'Reilly
Miss Fantasy
Hey You
and many more, but thats the basic

Sets for us run anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours as we have played before. We have a huge repertoire of covers from Led Zeppelin to Stone Temple Pilots. We know lots of music.