Insignificant Others

Insignificant Others


Insignificant Others combines an ever expanding catalogue of original songs with a variety of reinvented covers, and a passion for improvisation to create unpredictable set lists, and a soaring, funky garage rock roar.


Sullen and sheepish, but also polite and apologetic,
would be rockers, I O have burst on to the basement rock scene, where Ron's wife Molly sometimes listens to us from upstairs while she plays computer games. While she doesn't especially care for our "House of the Rising Sun" rendition, generally, her feedback is quite positive!


Insignificant Others, Alive on Earth (recorded live at Schuba's

Set List

A typical I O set might include 12 songs including 9 originals and 3 covers, usually reinvented classics by artists like the Beatles, The Talking Heads, Neil Young, & The Pixies. Steve and Brian trade off on vocals and on guitar and bass, while Ron remains safely leashed to his drumkit.