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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
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"Extra! Extra! Three time-traveling, superhuman musical prodigies have landed in our fair state with a two-pronged mission"


By Bruce Elliot

up-and-comers-insigniya-at-copyExtra! Extra! Three time-traveling, superhuman musical prodigies have landed in our fair state with a two-pronged mission: to spread music of self-empowerment and forge a new era of sonic exploration. They call themselves Insigniya, and they’re here to enlighten us with what they label funk fusion livetronica, but you’ll just call mind-blowing ecstasy.

The members of Insigniya have, thus far, managed to pass themselves off as mere Massachusetts mortals. They are: Dan Searl ~ guitar, guitar synthesizer, Jake Fletcher ~ bass, synthesizers, and Josh Weinberg ~ drums, samples/sequencing. One day while Dan and Josh were hanging with mutual friends in the fall of 2009, Dan called out, “Does anyone here play an instrument?” Josh answered, the two started jamming, and they completed the sonic picture some months later when Jake arrived on bass.

With influences from Miles Davis to Coltrane, Wayne Krantz Trio, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Lotus, and Cream, Insigniya began spreading its own brand of astonishing progressive-fusion to the masses. And their grooves are funkier than the men’s room at Fenway on free burrito night during extra innings. Yeah man, that’s funky, and the festival circuit is eating them up

“Josh went to a few festivals, had an awesome time at all of them…and most importantly experienced a scene where Insigniya’s music could thrive and flourish… From this, we reached out to festivals we wanted to play, which has led to the band being on the bill for 11 festivals around the northeast in the 2011 season.” Attend one, and you’ll experience “a party, a great time, a transcendental experience, good people, joy, ever-improving light shows, dancing, and raging,” explains Josh.

With an upcoming east coast tour, live DVD, and plans to release a studio album in December, Insignia’s musical mission will soon be accomplished. For more, including tour and festival dates, visit or like them at - The Pulse Magazine

"Insigniya brings music, life, and freedom to Church"

“A multimedia experience.” That’s how they’re billing this Thursday evening burner of a show at Church, the cool but often-overlooked music club/restaurant near the Fens. Headliners Insigniya might be only a trio, but they have the agility to slice off sharp-edged, jazz-driven slurs that call up the finest moments on Zappa’s Hot Rats. You’d swear you’re hearing an orchestra in places when Insygnya goes on prog-y trips down the rabbit hole. It’s the type of attack that’d digest well with the jam-friendly sort, making the hot-handed party-troupe Wobblesauce a perfect complement on this bill, as well as the promise of live painting and an “incredible light show.” This is adding up to be quite the experience. - Jeff Wallace - My Secret Boston

""Rock & Roll: New Band wins Battle of the Bands at Fitchburg State""

When Josh Weinberg doesn't pick up his phone right away, the music sets the tone for him. It’s an old Jimi Hendrix tune. Weinberg, a 17-year-old from Littleton, is part of the year-old band, Insigniya. With Weinberg on drums, Dan Searl on synthesizer and guitar, Dan Rahilly on guitar and Justin Baker on bass, the young rockers are accumulating fans by the day.

The band comes together

Weinberg said it was Hendrix's “Voodoo Child” that cemented the band when he and Searl were jamming one day last January. When they played the classic tune, the music clicked and they both knew they had a band. .

Describing the genre of Insigniya

Weinberg said the genre is hard to identify.

“It transcends the boundaries, but it's funk, jazz and jam,” said Weinberg.

He said while Searl writes the melodies, he will pick up on the beat and develop the song as an ensemble.

“I love jamming,” said Weinberg. “Dan will come up with a beat that I will interpret as I hear it.”

He said Searl has a jazz background and incorporates New Age “grooves” as well.

When the music began

Weinberg has been drumming for six years, starting at Indian Hill and now taking lessons with a faculty member at Berklee.

“I was always tapping on things as a kid,” said Weinberg, “with rhythms going in my head.”

That's when he knew drumming would be his vocation.

“I started lessons at age 11 and didn't stop,” he said.

What makes Insigniya stand out?

He said while he loves the Beatles and Hendrix, Weinberg and the band write their own music. His main criticism of some popular bands today is that they are derivative, sounding like one another too much.

“Of 11 tunes we play in a set, 8 are original,” said Weinberg.

He said he has a fan base from Littleton High School that tries to get to all his concerts. In February, the band will return to the Village Smokehouse in Lowell. In May, he is hoping to participate in a three day “Strange Creep” music extravaganza in Greenfield. The band played the upstairs room at the Middle East in Cambridge this week, and has several other dates coming in the spring.

“Hopefully we can get on the festival circuit,” said Weinberg.

“I hope we keep getting bigger and writing better music,” he said. “My dream is to go on a national tour in a couple of years.”

What fans say:

“I’m gonna be front and center.”

“Insigniya = Gods”

“U guys r going to blow my mind.”

“My mind is officially blown.”

“Congrats on winning battle of the bands, your cover of Frankenstein was amazing.” - The Littleton Independent

""Fat Guitar Sound and Tight Rhythm Make Unique Trio""

Insigniya's debut recording is a four-track EP, featuring three original compositions (one a live recording) and a cover of the Eddie Harris-composed jazz standard, "Freedom Jazz Dance". The Boston-area band consists of guitarst Dan Searl, bassist Jake Fletcher, and drummer Josh Weinberg. The trio plays what sounds a lot like classic progressive fusion a la Bruford and Brand X: One drum figure from the second track, "Not Again," recalls Bill Bruford's transition from "By the Light of Day" into "Presto Vivace and Reprise" on the first U.K. album. Yet, of course, there are no keyboards. But Searl's fat guitar sound and the busy though tight rhythm section leave no gaps.
Insigniya's version of "Freedom Jazz Dance" is rather funky, and each musician gets a chance to shine. The live track "Funk Breath", shows the band to be just as good onstage as in the studio. Here's hoping for a full-length release soon. --Jason M. Rubin - Progression Magaize

""Funk/fusion/jam-band gives listeners a sense of freedom and self-empowerment.""

"We enjoy playing, recording, and writing music more than anything else – from the start it was the only option for us"

Funk/fusion/jam-band dedicated to creating music that gives listeners a sense of freedom and self-empowerment.

Why or how did you choose your bandname?

We were always connected to the idea of empowering people with our music, and so we began looking up different terms for self-empowerment. In this search, we came across the word “insignia” which we simply modified to become Insigniya.

What inspired you to pursue a music career?

We enjoy playing, recording, and writing music more than anything else – from the start it was the only option for us all.

Can you recall any particular moment or experience that may have moved you to persue a music career? If so, please explain:

One of the first gigs Insigniya had was at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford, MA. Having previously won the battle of the bands in Westford, Insigniya was able to pack the venue. People were up and dancing, getting lost in the music, we were fulfilling our goal – we were setting people free with our music. Looking out into the crowd and seeing this was an experience more rewarding than anything any of us had gone through – this experience pushed Insigniya to pursue a career in music.

What or who are your biggest musical influences (past or present)?

The Wayne Krantz Trio, Oz Noy, The Disco Biscuits, John Scofield, Pat Matheney, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard, James Browwn

How do you describe your music to others?


Any memorable experiences while performing live or while touring "on the road"?

Playing at the Village Smokehouse in Lowell, MA was a memorable experience and a good time. We had Boston’s Old Men Playing Chess open for us. We drew in 100+ people and everyone was up and dancing, really grooving out to our music.

What kind of feedback have you received from your current release?

“Insigniya = Gods”

“U guys r going to blow my mind.”

“My mind is officially blown.”

“Congrats on winning battle of the bands, your cover of Frankenstein was amazing.”

What is the inspiration behind your current release?

All of our songs on our EP are tunes we have enjoyed playing for a long time. Our goal with releasing our EP (hopefully out on ITunes and Pandora by mid-May) is to share the Insigniya sound with the world.

Why should potential fans be turned on to your music?

The mix of traditional and modern harmony and rhythmic feels combined with catchy vocals provide an excellent opportunity to dance and have a good time.

What sites can fans find you at online?

What can fans expect from you in the near future?

A further developed live show, festival gigs, a new website, additional merchandise, and a full length album on ITunes, hopefully by the fall. -

""These guys await an amazing future""

Please visit to see full review and interview - we are featured on page 53. - Vents Magazine


Insigniya's self-titled EP was released on January 20th, 2011 (Jan. 10th digitally). All songs from the EP are available on ITunes, Amazon, CDBaby, as well as

Our songs are on Jango Internet Radio, have airplay on Evolvement Radio (101.5 FM WXGR), 91.3 FM WXPL, and 91.7 WMWM. Insigniya has also been used on Westford Public Access Television programming as well as Melrose Music Television.



Transcending the boundaries of genre, Insigniya has hit the ground running since the band’s start in January 2009. Taking influence from a vast range of musicians, Insigniya has been breaking down barriers in creating original music that cannot be classified simply as jazz, rock, or funk.

Insigniya is centered on the concept of channeling a special energy through an audience, creating a feeling of freedom and bliss, while giving people music to bob their heads and move their bodies to. This energy is found full force at shows and getting it recorded is the ultimate goal when the band is in the studio. With a constantly growing loyal fan base, Insigniya is attracting more and more people to shows, each providing a senses-saturating experience full of high energy.

In their third year, the band is unleashing their unique electro-funk-jazz sonic explorations throughout the northeast, having performed at some top clubs such as The Middle East Downstairs (Boston), Nectar's (Burlington, VT), Sullivan Hall (NYC), and Cafe Campus (Montreal, QC).

The group has been included on the bills for such festivals as StrangeCreek & Wormtown (MA), Disc Jam (MA), Camp Coldbrook (MA), The Big Up (NY), Liberate (VT), Bella Terra (NY), Evolvefest (NJ), Heads In Harmony (ME), Magnetic Gathering (NH), and Lesphestival (NY) alongside many national and international artists in both the live band and producer realms such as Papadosio, Dopapod, Consider The Source, Lespecial, Tipper, Heyoka, Ott, & Boombox.

Insigniya is ever-increasingly devoted to creating unique music that pushes the envelope in all genres, while sharing a collective love for music, positive progression, and good times with the masses.

Be on the look out to catch Insigniya at a club or festival near you as well as upcoming studio releases soon!