In Silence

In Silence


You can notice the meaning of the Twilight in their songs because its music is not dark or bright, it’s not extremist, it’s a sound that is full of different colors, full of possibilities, but keeping the seal of rock.


Having the intention to create a more melodic rock and not too common in the country, on March 27, of 2004, four rockers and music students formed Twilight, a band with influences of the northamrican rock, but with rhythms and harmonies of the Latin-American folklore, making a band with a very musical richness.

On April of 2004, Twilight recorded its first single, a song called Alone, which was broadcasted in a local radio station ‘Canal U’. This encouraged the band to create their own music. In addition, on November of the same year, they make their first presentation in a bar of the Medellin’s Lleras park, having a positive impact on the audience.

Ending the same year, Twilight is invited to a concert of the Solo Rock Academy that it was made in the Café Teatro Corporación Medellín de Jazz, known now as Macondo.

This journey until now, would be interrupted because of a travel of the vocalist Andres Gallo, in which, his approaching to the English language would be complete. This would give more expressivity to the lyrics and also an authentic touch of North American rock.

For August of 2005, with the return of the vocalist, Twilight makes a new concert in the Lleras park and began to become an invited band of many places; this would encourage the band to record a live demo with five songs.

On June of 2006, a concert in the Arte Vivo Bar, places Twilight as a band with its own audience. The assistance to the bar is a success as the concert itself, so they would be invited to play on September of the same year at the Aranjuez Park of Medellin.

During 2007, the band began to record its first cd, called Always in the sky, which has six own songs. This cd has not yet come out in stores.

For 2008, because of the concerts made in the zone, Twilight is recognized as the band of the Comuna 4 of Medellin, this title honored them and encouraged them to keep conquer new audience.
However, during this year, the drummer Andres Rodriguez announced his retirement of the band based on his wish of making a different type of music in which he would not play the drums.

Twilight started to look for a new drummer and it would not pass a long time until Juan Esteban Cardona, a drummer with a great musical experience, would join the band.

Juan Esteban contributes a new style that demands a different sound, and for that, Twilight looks the support of the pianist David Zuluaga Eljach who would rich the new sound of the band.
The new group not only works, but in a short time it’s also invited to the bar Vertigo of Medellin, where they would not play only one time, but thanks to the acceptance of the new music, Twilight is invited to play six more times.

Today this five people, Jacobo, Lucho, Gallo, Juanes and Eljach, are renewing the songs of the last cd, and at the same time, they are composing and adding elements to their music in order to offer new sounds to the audience.


Always in the sky-Demo