Warren, Pennsylvania, USA

Insomniac is the one girl band with a pop/rock sound influenced by many different artists. She may be young at 13 but don't confuse her for a teeny bopper, she's anything and everything but.


Insomniac is a one-man (or rather one-girl) band. Olivia Thompson, aka Insomniac, plays 5 instruments counting voice. She plays guitar, piano, violin, trombone, and she sings. Musical influences include Alpha Rev, Train, Jesse McCartney, Eminem, The Fray, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and others. Her sound is mainly pop with a touch of rock, mostly with guitar, piano, and drums, very minimal (but not nonexistent) synths. She lives in rural Warren, Pa, waiting to be discovered.


[No EP's or LP's out yet]