Inspire Influence

Inspire Influence

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandAlternativeNew Age

A balance between sleepy, melancholic ambience a la warm synth tones, beautiful guitar-picking, delays, reverb, dynamics & emotion. Our music is the kind we want to leave show-goers in an ear-ringing trance, which would be drowning out the voice inside their head asking "What did I just witness?"


Inspire Influence is a five-piece atmospheric instrumental band with an ethereal indie twist based out of Toronto, Canada. Focusing on soulful instrumentals with influence from bands such as This Will Destroy You, Explosions In the Sky, and the Chariot. Inspire Influence has merged together many different musical techniques while breaking away from traditional song formatting; thus creating a style to call their own.

It all began in November, 2011 when guitarist, programmer, and vocalist, Travis Fitzgerald, became engrossed in composing melodies with strong dynamics. Drawn to his tenacious style, Damon Guyett and Malcolm Hifferty joined Travis in his project on keys, programming, vocals, and the bass guitar, respectively. After learning about this most intriguing 3-piece, Jordan Mann joined the band, offering his impassioned skills on the guitar.

With this lineup, Inspire Influence’s first demo “In The Darkness” was released on Christmas Day, 2011. After promoting this demo (which included a Rogers TV appearance), the band began recording their debut full length album, Planet Destroyer; released on June 30, 2012. Working with esteemed engineer Elliott Sairan and razor-sharp drummer Corey Bernard, Planet Destroyer became an epic instrumental story which has been known to shake the very soul of its audience.

Witnessing their ability to cater to a crowd of all ages from many locales, Inspire Influence was then asked to hit the road with While Paris Sleeps for a central Ontario/ Quebec tour. However, because of scheduling and logistics, they were again in need of a drummer. Their dear friend Nate Lewin was asked to join the band on percussion, and, because of his exquisite abilities, has been a part of the project ever since.Because of their strengths as both a live act and as a studio band, Inspire Influence plans to release a brand new E.P. before the New Year as well as perform their previous releases extensively. The group is also focusing on licensing their work to film and television companies, with the intention of impacting as large an audience as possible.


Inspire Influence released their 4-song demo EP "In the Darkness" was released Christmas Day, 2011. "Planet Destroyer" June 30th (iTunes and amazon)

Tracks can be streamed for free on our Facebook, Bandcamp and MySpace pages (Yeah we still use that fossilized website)

Set List

"Iris Grey"
"Whale Bones"