Instant Prehistoric

Instant Prehistoric


Instant Prehistoric is a doomsday party. A celebration that times are still good even when the worst seems to be slowly creeping up on us.


We are kids who have grown up surrounded by good music.

We are kids whom surrounded by fields and apathy are making the best and coming out ahead.

We are kids from the most depressed state in the union who have hope and want to spread.

We are creative.
We are independent.
We are Instant Prehistoric.

Some great bands we've played with include
Thao Nguyen (Kill Rock Stars)
Green Milk from the Planet Orange(Tokyo)
Xiu Xiu (Kill Rock Stars)
Ecstatic Sunshine(Baltimore MA)
Mason Proper(Dovecote)
Ad Astra Per Aspera (Sonic Unyon)
The Hard Lessons (Quack! Media)
Hey Hey(awesomeness from Philly)
Beast In the Field(Saw Her Ghost)
Native(awesomeness from Indiana)
Victor! Fix the Sun(Friction Records)
And all our homies from the mitten!


Self Released 3 song demo-October 2006
Self Released/Free 7 song demo-fall 2007
Self Released/Self Recorded/Free 8 song E.P.-Spring 2008

Live tracks
Strange Week and Doomsday Party have had local college radio airplay

Set List

Our songs that we continue to play live include:
Day One
Tape Fear
Doomsday Party
Ode to Ashley's
Man Battles Sun
Hi, How Are You?
Smoked Salmon
Strange Week

With these we can play up to an hour set but generally prefer to keep things more immediate and in the half hour to 45 minute range.