Instiga is a kind of ride to Barão Geraldo, the district of Campinas (São Paulo) from where the quartet first surfaced. In-between parties, abandoned dreams, cyborgs and internal jokes about Harrison Ford, they bet on acessible melodies fueled with vigor and lirism.


Mentioned as revelation of the new national rock harvest, they debuted with the album "Máquina Milenar" (millenary machine) in 2005. Due to this CD, they brought attention from hearers in other places of Brazil and even outside of the country. They had songs executed in radios of the United States – Instiga was the first Brazilian band to have two musics played in Portuguese in Woxy, online well-known radio station of Cincinnati– and of Europe.

At the end of 2007, the band was elected 1 of 20 finalist in the BBC's competition The Next Big Thing.
Finally, they also gained attention of local critique.

Fans of home videos, they produced and acted in the first demo clip of the group, made to "Birra", and achieved to participate in the programming of the Lab, from MTV. They licensed the complete repertoire in Creative Commons, let several songs at disposal for download and today they have thousands of fans in MySpace.

They also launched a virtual EP by the Spanish label "A Regueifa", baptized "Bastidores do Microssegundo" (backstages of the micro second) in 2006. In the same year, they participated of the sound track of the Documentary "Leste" ("east", Brazil) and of the short-films "O forasteiro" (the foreigner) (Brasil) and "Sanatório" (sanatorium) (Spain), besides having been classified among the three finalists of a band contest promoted by Trama and by the Magazine Capricho. In Brazil, they sang in São Paulo (capital and interior), Belo Horizonte (state of Minas Gerais) and Curitiba (State of Paraná). They also received invitations for shows in Goiânia (State of Goiás), Brasília (Federal District) and Porto Velho (State of Rondônia). And all indicates that other opportunities will appear.


- LP Máquina Milenar (Millenary Machine) - independent, 2005
- Menino canta Menina (Boy sings Girl) - Trombador discos, 2007
-virtual EP by the Spanish label "A Regueifa", baptized "Bastidores do Microssegundo" (backstages of the micro second) in 2006.

- "Tenho uma banda" (I have a band), third LP released in august, 2008.

Songs "Retas", "Fim do dia and "Ola" present in the Woxy radio programmation.

The track "Olá" was was elected 1 of 20 finalist songs in the BBC's competition The Next Big Thing.

Set List

Songs of the band....present in the albuns and new songs.

List of songs:
Tenho uma banda
Heitor e Ana
Seu Garcia
Não se mate
Aquela da cachorrinha