Instinct Of Aggression

Instinct Of Aggression


Hard, heavy, fast and relentless, at the same time excellent song writing and very catchy tunes. We pride ourselves on being an extreme and very physical live band. Ready to work hard and tour even harder!!!


Back in early 2003, Carl Bensley moved from upstate NY to Los Angeles with one goal in mind. Domination. Soon after, friend and guitarist, Tony Santi moved as well and the plotting began. Instinct Of Aggression was born in the winter of 2004.
Early 2005 would bring Instinct Of Aggression it's first shows and it has been non-stop ever since. The first objective was to build a home fanbase play local club such as the Whiskey a gogo, the Roxy, and the KeyClub. Soon after, IOA would start hitting the road, hard. They would play anywhere, anytime. Small road trips and mini tours would follow. They have shared the stage with bands such as Suffocation, Ankla, Five Finger Death Punch, Death By Stereo and Alien Ant farm.
Recently, Instinct Of Aggression has released their debu album Beyond All Control. They have just finished their first major tour with Devil Driver, Snot and Straight Line Stitch, with merchendise out-selling the other bands a few of the nights. They now have a fanbase all over the west-coast and into Canada.
2009 is a highly anticipated year for the band. Looking forward to even more touring and spreading the word. This is Instinct Of Aggression.


Beyond All Control (2008) full length album

Set List

Set list for Devil Driver tour:

1.consumed by poison your mercy
3.the vision
4.withered raw
5.ill shade of grey
6.beyond all control
7.what could have been
8.what i once saw in you