Insufficyent funds

Insufficyent funds


an alternative,pop punk, band from the mid west that is true to our sound


i cant really describe the sound. we just dont fit with the norm. Thou people do like it and enjoy it. some have told us that we are unique and have a very catchy sound we are now under the label konk shoo records in colorado springs colorado and soon will be on our first tour.

some of our influences are radiohead ,everclear,eels,elliot smith, elastica,nirvana,sublime,rolling stones,led zepplen,
five iron frenzy,


we have release two demo cds (morphine) and
(wicked stars) the album has just been released and is self titled. It will be available on cd baby.

Set List

1 go
2 haven
3 old
4 house of white walls
5 el poppie
6 nothing said
7 sunshine
8 ruby lips
9 purple
10 anonymity
11 house on a hill
12 sane and sound
13 embecile
14 jamie
15 johnny's got a new
16 misery
17 sinking ships
18 borrowed
19 modus
20 xo
21 and i
our sets are about 2 and half hours and we do a few covers
1 sublime
2 nirvana
3 toadies