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"Insurgent Inc - Kidz"

I.I is no doubt a quite unusual and original band. The 11 tracks featured on the new album of this combo hailing from Canada offer what I would describe as a kind of urban rock. This is probably the sound of the new century that we face here. A band that ingested plenty of various styles and delivers back to us a rich and multicoloured musical assault. Songs like “Stronger”, “UDTHR”, “Atheistic affidavit” as well as a great part of the album benefit from rather innovative song construction using and abusing of breaks, samples and small tricks that set them apart from the usual band of the genre. “A window about today” is another example of their ability and could become a potential single. A very pleasant discovery for me. (CF:7/8)CF - Side-line - Belgium

"Music Reviews"

Again some stuff for the elders and experienced users I think – who of you can remember their marvelous done debut “System Structure Security” back in 1993 by this Montreal-based Canadian duo? It was released at times when the typically US-Coldwave scene with labels like 21st Circuitry or Re-Constriction have just started – released at times where Wax Trax was still up - “SSS” was a killer album, outstanding and future-leading for several bands and the genre. Well, times have changed in between, INSURGENT have included the additional INC. to their band name (... I guess the album aptly entitled “Inc.” in 2K2 has announced this...) and the term of the harsh pounding Industrial tunes have been reduced. Through the years they’ve traveled the world and visited several very different countries like France, Belarus or South Korea. A lot of friendships have been built and they used these trips to integrate some traditional musically influences and ideas into their music. So you don’t have to wonder that you’ll get to hear some unconventional acoustic instruments or choirs thrown in here and there. “Kidz” is the newest output of this Canadian duo, their fourth full-length album as far what I know, and to me rather a conceptual release instead of a simple collection of songs. The world of the adults so mad and perverse seen with the eyes of a child – well, I guess this can hold several variations and an uncountable amount of inspiration. Musically their newest effort is a rather “rocking” Industrial-Metal-like output with real guitar play and real drums – the Industrial element is very reduced to some samples and some synth lines here and there. Also the vocals are no longer that kind of a distorted “Cold Molest”-screaming into the microphone – a more natural sounding, while not losing efficiency male timbre can be heard. Favorites I like to name with the rather dark oriented “Atheistic Affidavit” and especially the last piece “Reply”, which is separated into four different parts – also the traditionally “Motherless Child” presented by a female vocalist got aptly included. Some other pieces have to mentioned as well featuring the rather multi-cultural side of the band, “Evelina” for instance having a Belarussian folklore group on board. This concept album of INSURGENT INC. is quite interesting structured and composed, although Electro-purists have to be open-minded for the rather more guitar-oriented arrangements of the band. - Chain D.L.K. - Italy- United states


2007 - Kidz
2006 - Stronger EP
2002 - Inc
1998 - System Structure Security (re-issue)
1997 - Supercollider
1993 - System Structure Security


2004 - NMC Vol 1 - CBC Radio 3 (Canada)
2003 - Varia - (Canada)
2003 - Nu DAWN - (France)
2003 - Quebec Emergent - (Province of Quebec)
1994 - Terra Vox - (Canada)



Insurgent Inc.

is neither an electro, nor a metal band. It uses both styles to push the limits of music. The duo works with samples from jam sessions played with guest musicians met during travels around Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and North America.

Insurgent progresses in a contemporary technological universe by mixing driving techno beats and industrial themes with the caustic power of heavy guitar sounds. Cutting edge scratches, eclectic samples and very melodic or no-compromise aggressive vocal arrangements set Insurgent Inc. apart.

Album : Kidz

Can you sleep through the horrors brought on by pedophilia, religious hypocrisy, abuse of authority and war? We canÕt. We wonÕt. This time we speak for kids. This album is about what kids live through and how they see the world of adults, in all its tortuous ways.