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Insurgentlemen - Cement (2008)

1. Lies
2. Boob Tube
3. HBombs
4. Backwash
5. Chin Up
6. Conductor
7. Beats Me
8. MF the RF
10. Cement

Insurgentlemen - Introduction to Malehood EP (2008)

1. Escalation Procedure
2. Mystery Financier
3. Freemont St.
4. 9-5 Jive
5. One Way Ticket



The Insurgentlemen are the quintessential band without a past. Made up of every day guys, the I-gents are rumored to have been together now for more than 2 years. They recently debuted with some Last Band Standing appearances for DC Music, their main supporter and benefactor, and cut their first full length album that was tentatively called “We killed Ken for the chance to have Barbie.” Their bass player “Tim” was disappointed when this was voted down. They have gone with Cement, the title of one of their original songs. No member of the band can use their real names due to parole violations and outstanding (and fortunately) out of province warrants.

Clues? One member is from Newfoundland and can never go home. He is also not by law allowed within a mile of any Mattel toy factory or department store. 1 member already collects a pension and has been married 12 years. One member is taller than the average NBA player (and has a tail). And lastly one guy has a shortened last name and if you see him with a girl at any point before or after a show, go interrupt, because she’ll be going home with you, C-block styles.