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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Intalek's Boulder Debut"

"I did see Intalek last night! He was professional and pulled together which was really refreshing and had clearly put a lot of work into his set. There weren't too many people here yet when he went on but he really worked it for the people the were there. His rhymes are so funny, too - I was cracking up at some of the things coming out of his mouth!"

Shauna Murray
Fox Theatre | Publicist
1135 13th St. | Boulder, CO 80302 - The Fox Theatre


Quandry - The face of... (EP)
Quandry - The faces of... (EP)
Quandry - Good Times with Shitty People (LP)
Quandry - Occupational Hazard (LP)
Intalek & Mr. 8-bit - P8-int (EP)



Quandry was formed back in the summer of 2001, when a promising emcee by the name of Intalek was introduced to an innovative producer/emcee Backwordz by a mutual friend, DJ Phriktion. With a lot of talent and less than adequate equipment the three quickly began work an E.P. The Face Of. With some practice under their belt and a product to push they soon began playing shows wherever possible. This proved to be a difficult task considering most clubs were not interested in original music let alone two turntables and a mic. Still they made do, playing everything from house parties to teen centers and even a home and garden show, which they deny to this day. The name began to get around and even got them shows opening for the likes of Blueprint & Illogic and C Rayz Walz. Still they were not getting the exposure they wanted, so after one year of scraping for shows they decided to rethink their plan of attack. If bars and clubs wanted cover bands then why not give them a band.
Calling on old friends and mutual acquaintances they formed a five piece band. The group they had assembled was to say the least, different. Comprised of a classically trained pianist, rock guitarist, punk rock bassist, jazz drummer, and DJ. The resulting sound was a melding of talent so diverse that it separated them from the Rock/Rap genre. Before long they had a set together and began to book shows. Sure enough the plan had worked; places that previously shunned Quandry were now welcoming them with open arms. They began doubling the amount of shows they played in a month and even headlined gigs. They became the house band at the Springfield Music Hall and played the main stage at The Webster. Things seemed to be looking up for Quandry but the diversity of the group that was such a huge factor in their success, would also lead to their downfall. The members began to disagree on the direction of the band; fights began to break out at every practice. Some members left, others were replaced still the tension never ceased. With the band slowly falling apart they managed to play one last show, a battle of the bands at Eastern State University. Looking at the roster of performers Quandry knew they were out of their element, nine rock bands and a crowd of rock fans stood between them and first place. Defeat was imminent a perfect ending to their three year run. Regardless, they gave an explosive fair well performance and in a surprise victory Quandry, the underdogs had taken first place. As much as this should have been their redeeming moment the band ultimately broke up shortly after that. None the less Quandry had a great run and managed to spread their unique sounds throughout the Hartford and Springfield areas.
Intalek has since gone solo and moved to Colorado. He now works with many producers including Sleepyhead and DJ Tom Selik (Formerly Backwordz of Quandry).