Integrated System Of Machines

Integrated System Of Machines


A unique blend of epic metal with crunching guitar riffs, heavy and melodic vocals, and an opera singer. It is music that takes you on a journey...


Integrated System Of Machines is a unique blend of heavy, crunching guitar riffs and an epic keyboard sound that takes your minds eye on an apocalyptic vision through time. We combine heavy, growling vocals with melodic harmonies and an operatic female singer to provide a vocal range that is rarely seen in the metal genre. Our music is considered epic or dark metal by some and it has a swedish metal influence. I.S.O.M. is taking our region by storm, performing for thousands at festivals and live gigs. It is music not to be missed.


10 track Lp- "Apocalyptic Vision" with streaming audio on myspace, reverb nation, Itunes, rhapsody, napster, Imeem, etc.

Set List

1. Apocalyptic Vision
2. Road to Valhalla
3. I.S.O.M.
4. Davinci's Code
5. Stays the Same
6. Screams
7. Words to say
8. March of the Norsemen
9. Last Time
10. The Hunt for the Beast

Approx. 1 Hour long Set