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Pensacola, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Pensacola, FL | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop




"In My Headphones: Intellect | Then There Were Two"

If you haven’t heard of Intellect yet, trust me, you will soon. This dude is not only a talented MC, but he already has a list of accomplishments outside of the rap game as well. I’m just posting my favorite song “Then There Were Two” here, but I’ll also include a link to the rest of his music at the bottom of the post. This song is from his album Out Of Left Field, which dropped back in October ’18.
Short Bio…
Intellect is from Pensacola, FL originally, but he has since traveled the world during his time in the service. He has other accolades, such as being a model, actor, consultant etc. but this is a hip hop blog so I’m going to try to stay focused on that. I just thought it was cool that he was able to take his experience in the service and use it on the TV shows that he’s worked on (Quantico & The Enemy Within).
…Back To The Music
“Then There Were Two” is very much my kind of hip hop. The beat is a bit different than most modern rap music. It kind of reminds me of the live instrumentation of The Roots, but I’m pretty sure it’s just clean sounding samples. Intellect also has a good rapping voice, which is becoming more and more crucial for me.
As far as the lyrics go, I think that Intellect hit the sweet spot between too simple and too complex. What I mean is, his diction is quite impressive, so even though the subject matter isn’t necessarily anything new, it still sounds unique. He’s also not talking in code, using abstract language to let the listener know they aren’t as smart as he is (*cough* Lupe Fiasco *cough*).
If you’re feeling this song, definitely look Intellect up on your favorite social media platform. I’m gonna add some links below, but I don’t know how comprehensive my list is. This is just what I could scrounge up myself with a few minutes of searching. Keep in mind, you can support both Intellect and this blog by purchasing his album from iTunes. - Antwan

"Q&A With Rising Hip Hop Artist Intellect"

Hey Intellect, we would like to thank you for your contribution to underground Hip Hop and keeping the culture alive! Your new album “Out Of Left Field” is impressive!!! Please tell us what exact area code you represent? How long have you been making music? How did you come up with your emcee name?
I’m from the 850, that’s Pensacola,FL and I’ve been making music for over 9 years now. Originally my stage name was set to be Mike D, since I love the Beastie Boys but my friend was like nah that’s going to throw folks off and reference you to the Beastie Boys, so there was a period were I didn’t know. Then one day we were playing a game and my friend was kind of annoyed by my extensive vocabulary skills and thus “Intellect” was born.
Growing up I have always loved music, what kid didn’t right. Music has always been apart of my life from being in the church to poetry slams, but honing in on being a hip hop artist came when I listening to Rakim. Once I heard him spit, I was done. I knew this was the road for me. I want to story tell just as good as him if not better. The main factors that got me into underground hip hop were the truths and the controversies behind what the rapper was saying. These guys knew that they weren’t going to be popularized by what they were saying because there was a bit of a taboo of speaking their truth but I loved that. So in my music you will always hear me speak about my youth experiences, racial discrimination, my life as a veteran and world events that we are faced with everyday. People may not want me to be too honest but I always will be because I always speak that honesty in my music. - Armando Urena Jr

"Out of Left Field Album Review"

Eager to introduce a new sound to Hip-Hop, Pensacola, Florida born Michael Dowd, better known as new recording artist Intellect is ready to make his debut. Known for his raw, uncensored, and unfiltered look on life, the proud veteran is ready to impress with his personal story. Creatively titling his debut, Out of Left Field, Intellect is prepared to shock and awe first time out the gate.
Out of Left Field is a 12-track of one of the million stories under the Hollywood sign in the City of Angels. Helping Intellect narrate the story is several exceptional guests including Kay Flow, Cap, and Taylor Bandit. Intellect on his new album: “The essence of Hip-Hop in its truest form. The rebirth of amazing production intertwined with intricate lyricism.”
Stream Intellect New Album, Out of Left Field below, courtesy of Soundcloud.
The project’s production mirrors the Los Angeles streets, dark, gloomy, deep bass, and suspenseful as the story is being told. Matching Intellect’s dark vocals and bravado, the deeper into the album, the pace intrigues and will draw listeners into a trance-like state of focus. The production draws out the project’s spirit, and while dark, shines bright with anticipation of more greatness to come from the rising star.
Lyrically, Intellect enters the genre as a game changer with his fascinating, gritty, and in-depth story-telling. Entertaining, he makes a bold statement with his opportunity and solidifies a well-respected reputation as a lyricist. On Out of Left Field, Intellect best moments come on “Then There Were Two”, “Fonics”, and “Ink Out My Mouth”. Directing an outstanding body of work, Intellect is ready for bigger feats in the near future.
Imagined to emulate Nas’ 1994 classic, Illmatic, Intellect’s Out of Left Field does check the boxes but a carbon copy? Close but not yet. The story is theatrical, the lyricism from Intellect is indeed crafty, inspiring, and compelling, like a film, it has its flaws between the beginning, climax, and finale. Appealing, Intellect shows a promising future on his first outing as Out of Left Field is surprisingly a must-hear for any Hip-Hop addict.
Rating: 9/10
Highlights: Storytelling - Boom


2019- Pending EP

2018- Out of Left Field Album

2018- EP Truth About Lect

2013- 3 EPS released



Born in Pensacola, FL, Intellect has traveled the entire world as a proud Veteran Service Member. He is currently a Consultant, Trainer, On-Air Talent for XG Productions based out of Culver City, CA. Using his life experiences, he helped bring together Season 2 of ABC’s hit show Quantico and has recently consulted and stared in the pilot for NBC’s new series The Enemy Within and has now been named the permanent Technical Advisor.

Intellect's debut album, Out of Left Field, is reminiscent of Nas' Illmatic in 94'. It is clever wordplay and storytelling, paired with some of the most amazing production heard today. Intellect takes you on a roller coaster ride of experiences and emotions as he expresses his most inner thoughts. Do not pass up the opportunity to witness a great work of art.

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