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"Intellekt and Dirty Digits- Intellektual Property Review"

Intellektual Property, the newest release from local MC, Intellekt is well produced and performed. Hiphop is elementally all about the beat, and Intellekt's beats are impressive, especially for a local act. But add to that a strong voice, innovative lyrics, and skillful delivery, and the result is an album that is very enjoyable to listening ears.

Weighing in with a healthy 17 tracks, Intellektual Property starts with some interesting samples then kicks in with a catchy guitar riff and some well produced horns on "The Illestrator." The lyrics to the seventh track, ""A Tale of 2 Cities," show a bit of Intellekt's class, referencing everything from the British cider, Strongbow to Abbey Road. The funky "Livin the Life" features perfectly overdriven live drums and some fantastic organ.

Overall, Intellektual Property is a very solid album.

-Travis Atria

- INsite Magazine December, 2004

"Intellekt and Dirty Digits - Intellektual Property Review"

Intellekt's Intellektual Property is most definitley leading the pack vying for local release of the year. Featuring lucid rhymes intertwined with dusty grooves and basement-aged samples, it threatens to bring the fun back to Hiphop.

Intellekt could be grouped with other Southeast Crews like Atlanta's Psyche Origami in that he aims to use clever braggadacio and autobiographical tales to connect with the listener. Almost every track is a head nodder, and as they mix with pot smoke and clank against beer bottle caps, the predominantly mid-tempo songs display their Gainesville college roots without shame.

Intellekt's rhymes tell the tale of a young MC supporting himself by working at a Japanese steakhouse while filling compostition notebooks full of ink, crashing poetry jams, and hanging with friends in the studio. The music runs through an obvious crate-digger's arsenal, from minor key horn swells to tickled ivories, all supported by classic Hiphop grooves. The scratching is no joke and is ably handled by Dirty Digits, although I also particularly enjoy the "glitch-scratching" by DiViNCi on "Phenom Mental." The producer's are a who's who of local Hiphop, including Speck and Enoch from CYNE, The Messenger from Voice of the People, DiViNCi from Sol.illaquists of Sound, and Capitul of CAPFvie, so the music is reined in to flow with the lyrics throughout the album. A strong release, Intellektual Property is sure to find a place in many a stereo. - Satellite Magazine


LP - (On CD only) - "Intellektual Property"
12" Vinyl Single - More Than Meets the Ear b/w
Livin the Life

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Feeling a bit camera shy


An MC and a DJ. This is the formula for Intellekt and Dirty Digits - a newly formed Hiphop group that is making a massive impact on the ears of all listeners. Meeting in 2001 in Gainesville, FL and solidifying as partners in the summer of 2004, Intellekt and Dirty Digits have already received widespread acclaim for their energetic live show and ability to appeal to and relate with music lovers of all tastes. Despite their relatively short existence as a group, they are able to make up for it with impressive individual experience.
Originally from Tampa, Fl, 26 year old, DJ Dirty Digits (Dan Chavez) currently resides in Tallahassee where he is the Urban Music Director for the Florida State University radio station, WVFS 89.7. He is also the Program Director for the live mix Hiphop show, "The Undaground Railroad." Aside from his extensive knowledge of all genres of music, from Jazz to Rock to Soul, he is also an exceptional battle DJ, winning battles up and down the state for his cutting, mixing, and beat juggling abilities. Naturally, he isn't confined only to battling, as he has shared the stage with such legends as KRS-One, Black Sheep, Rahzel, Talib Kweli, Cee Lo, and the Xecutioners.
Having grown up in Jacksonville, Fl, and currently a Business and English senior at the University of Florida, 21 year old Intellekt (Dillon Maurer) is no amateur when it comes to handling a microphone. He began writing songs at 13, following in the footsteps of his father who is an author. Known for his witty and intricate punch lines, creative delivery, wide range of content, and top-notch freestyling, Intellekt has won numerous Emcee battles throughout Florida. However, he admits that his true passion is writing and performing, as it is a more productive and positive force. Aside from Emcceing, Intellekt also dabbles in music production, and DJ'ing (taking notes from Digits).
Be on the lookout for Intellekt and Dirty Digits in a city near you, promoting their first release, "Intellektual Property."