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The best kept secret in music


"Intellekt and Dirty Digits - Intellektual Property Review"

Intellekt's Intellektual Property is most definitley leading the pack vying for local release of the year. Featuring lucid rhymes intertwined with dusty grooves and basement-aged samples, it threatens to bring the fun back to Hiphop.

Intellekt could be grouped with other Southeast Crews like Atlanta's Psyche Origami in that he aims to use clever braggadacio and autobiographical tales to connect with the listener. Almost every track is a head nodder, and as they mix with pot smoke and clank against beer bottle caps, the predominantly mid-tempo songs display their Gainesville college roots without shame.

Intellekt's rhymes tell the tale of a young MC supporting himself by working at a Japanese steakhouse while filling compostition notebooks full of ink, crashing poetry jams, and hanging with friends in the studio. The music runs through an obvious crate-digger's arsenal, from minor key horn swells to tickled ivories, all supported by classic Hiphop grooves. The scratching is no joke and is ably handled by Dirty Digits, although I also particularly enjoy the "glitch-scratching" by DiViNCi on "Phenom Mental." The producer's are a who's who of local Hiphop, including Speck and Enoch from CYNE, The Messenger from Voice of the People, DiViNCi from Sol.illaquists of Sound, and Capitul of CAPFvie, so the music is reined in to flow with the lyrics throughout the album. A strong release, Intellektual Property is sure to find a place in many a stereo. - Satellite Magazine

"Intellekt & Dirty Digits Artist of the day"

They're jazzy and fresh, but they don't have their own TV show just yet. They've generated some serious buzz and shared stages with the likes of KRS-One, Kid Koala, and Guru.

Intellekt & Dirty Digits are true school all the way, showing their reverence for golden age hip-hop all over their debut. Intellekt's lyricism reflects the progressive ideologies and personal narratives of the Native Tongues posse, the Roots, or Common. IDD recently moved to Atlanta, where indie-rap stalwart IDF put out Intellektual Property, Revised, the group's first full-length, a collection of reworked and refined versions of Intellekt's early demos, plus all-new tracks by the duo. The album includes cameos from IDD comrades Sol.illaquists of Sound (Epitaph), MC Proper, Speck and Enoch of CYNE, Capitul, and Tough Junkie of Simple Complexity. Whether having some fun with a little Mario Kart competition or getting somber and serious on elegy track "Freebird," their updated take on a timeless formula puts them right on par with new-old-schoolers like Sage Francis, Blackalicious, or Jurassic 5. -

"Intellektual Property (Revised) Review"

Yes, Intellekt & Dirty Digits are two white boys who look like the sons of the very same higher-ups who run this rap shyt. But, unlike the executives and the spoof groups like Jamie Kennedy and his buddy Stu, Intellekt & Dirty actually contribute to the purity of the Hip-Hop.

Intellektual Property breaks out of the stiff sculpture that restricts Hip-Hop thought of today. Having to compensate for the street credibility that give many rap acts their legitimacy, MC Intellekt buffers his portfolio with solid pound for pound lyricism. It is evident that "Intellekt" is a tag name that many people will continue to re-baptize him with in the years to come because this youngster is a chieftain of the three and four syllable word. On the track "Phenom.Mental", he spryly rhymes, "Many a cunning concoctions/ Overrunning the top ten/ Stunning ya often like punishing offspring."

We do believe we've found a jewel. Just listen to the mellowed out track "Sex Wax" or better yet just read the title for a crash tutorial on how good music should make you feel. -

"Intellektual Property (Revised) Review"

By Justin Strout

Atlanta duo Intellekt & Dirty Digits have a lot of fun on this record. Unlike the forced good-time vibe of an Ugly Duckling outing, these newcomers convey relaxed happy-to-be-here buoyancy. Property, slightly overlong at 14 tracks but thankfully short on skits, is a comfortable exercise in familiarity and chumminess that plays like that old vinyl you can always count on to lighten the mood. The chronic-inspired storytelling of “On My Day Off” brilliantly integrates guests Sol.illaquists of Sound into the narrative as mischievous antagonists. MC Intellekt carries a graceful charisma that harks back to Slimkid in his Pharcyde days, especially on the expat adventure “Tale of Two Cities.” DJ Dirty Digits is a real find, and his inventive, playful dynamics behind the boards sometimes threaten to overshadow his frontman, but most great beat-makers do in their early experiments. Digits’ work on the shadowy, gothic “Sidetracks” and the noir-rock burglary tale “Violated” save the album from humdrum frat-rap classification. This is simply some of the most creative work to come out of the independent scene this year. - Orlando Weekly

"Intellektual Property (Revised) Review"

There's something brewing on that Atlanta-based ATF label. They've got Collective Efforts, Psyche Origami and now this recently re-located Floridian duo. While Dirty digits does the damage on the tables, it's MC intellekt that wrecks mics. The good part about hip hop is that there are crews like this that represent rap the way that hip hop culture was traditionalized. You don't have to travel far to find the shining points on this album. Look for "Mario Cart," a reworking of Nintendo's Mario Kart re-worked; and "Sidetracks" where Intellekt's ADD-induced panik attack takes control. - - One Two Magazine

"Intellektual Property (Revised) Review"

If the two-man wrecking crew comes across as a couple of wiseguys who get their kicks playing video games, rolling blunts and slicing/ dicing old Isaac Hayes records, well, they are. “Mario Cart Relivin’” is a prime example, starting with a casual game of Nintendo and progressing into a thumping mix of verbal tradeoffs between the two.

The duo doesn’t revolutionize suburban hip hop here, but there’s a down-to-earth quality about Intellektual Property that’s tough to resist. The samples are well cut and blend seamlessly, the lyrics are well paced and intelligible (whoa, does that ever help) and the sometimes-goofy tradeoffs between the two provide some welcome self-deprecation. Intellekt’s mom even drops in to send a shout-out to her boy on “Phenom Mental.” A more serious cut, “Freebird (For Ben)” references the standard lighter-lifter in a tribute to the duo’s mutual friend who was killed in an auto crash. Elsewhere, though, it’s a bling-starved, ragged-jeaned workaday world that Intellekt and Dirty Digits nimbly slice into like a warm stick of margarine.

Michael Andrews - Flag Pole Magazine


LP - (On CD only) - "Intellektual Property"
12" Vinyl Single - More Than Meets the Ear b/w
Livin the Life


Feeling a bit camera shy


The I to the D-Double…Intellekt & Dirty Digits(IDD)

New jacks? Maybe. Hustlers? No doubt.

By the time Dillon Maurer (MC Intellekt) and Dan Chavez (DJ Dirty Digits) crossed paths at a B-boy battle in 2003, they were due for a come-up. Both were staples in Florida’s growing indie Hip-hop community. From Tallahassee, Chavez had for several years been the Urban Music Director at Florida State University’s student radio station (WVFS, 89.7) and Program Director for “The Undaground Railroad,” a popular local Hip-hop show. Maurer, then a senior at the University of Florida in Gainesville, was actively booking and promoting tour dates for major label Hip-hop artists, as well as performing shows of his own throughout Florida. He also started and hosted Gainesville’s first indie Hiphop show on Magic 101.3 FM, “Sunday Night Leftovers,” which is still going strong today. At the age of 21, Maurer had already earned praise in the local press and been taken under the wing of then Orlando-locals/Sage Francis tour-mates, the Sol.iLLaquists Of Sound (signed to Epitaph in 2005). In need of a master turntablist for live performances and for an album on which he’d begun work, Maurer reached out to Chavez. It wasn’t long before the self-released “Intellektual Property,” (2004) Intellekt’s first full length effort featuring the wizardry of Dirty Digits, put them on the map as a critic’s pick and a fan favorite. After increased booking and the creation of a solid local fan-base, Intellekt and Dirty Digits decided to officially solidify as a group in August of 2004.

The IDD would first come to the attention of ArcTheFinger Records when representatives of the label contacted them individually (unaware that the two were in the process of forming a group) for assistance with booking and radio play in Florida. Impressed with Chavez and Maurer’s level of professionalism and more so with the copies of “Intellektual Property” they received, ATF invited the ID-Double to Atlanta in March 2005 to play the first annual A3C Independent Hip-hop Festival. The live show held up nicely against the group’s studio work, anchoring Intellekt’s high-energy delivery of stories through twisting lyrical schemes with Dirt’s nasty articulations on the needles and the crossfader. Recruiting new talent for their artist roster and having been informed that the IDD was planning a move to Atlanta, ArcTheFinger initiated a serious conversation about signing the soon-to-be transplants. The deal was cemented in summer of ’05. Atlanta performances, a new 12-inch single, a newly revised version of “Intellektual Property,” and their first tour are underway for 2006.

About ArcTheFinger (ATF) Records: Atlanta-based ArcTheFinger Records is the Southeast’s leading independent Hip-hop label. Often compared in press and radio to labels like Rhymesayers, Stone’s Throw and Definitive Jux, ATF is home to Psyche Origami, Minamina Goodsong, Collective Efforts, and Intellekt & Dirty Digits. In addition to being a fully functioning record label and artist management company, ATF is one of the city’s leading promoters of indie Hip-hop related events. The creators of the A3C Independent Hip-hop Festival and the signature “Dynamic Derelict” series, ATF Promotions has also worked with nationals such as: Atmosphere, Blueprint, Sage Francis, Sol.illaquists of Sound, Cage, Josh Martinez, Sleep of Oldominion, M1 of Dead Prez and Ghostface Killa of the Wu-Tang Clan. /