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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Alternative Experimental


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"Performing under the moniker Intended Creation, Toronto's Christa holds steady to her eclectic brand of rhythmic forms and original fascinations."

The first word that comes to mind while listening to the Awake EP is fascinating. From where does this concoction of sound erupt? Toronto, Canada's Christa, who performs under the name Intended Creation, has embedded an array of original pieces, and moving prose in the seven-track EP. This collection is truly Indie in its choice of percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals, keys and minimalist production approach.

"Train" is the first song on the CD and starts out with the same punk-ish back alley thunder and echo as many of the U2 Achtung Baby offerings. (Think "(Even Better Than) The Real Thing," and "The Fly.") As the instrumental song moves along, chugging its way closer and closer to the listener's mind, it ends in an acoustic guitar flutter. It is as if the train has charged its way, only to leave in a whisper.

Track two, "My Words," has this spell-binding coffee shop feel to it. Intended Creation's conviction is strong - her heart and soul is clearly pouring out through song. What would have made this song a better experience is a better production quality. The acoustic guitar is solid, but they are laid out on this track a bit heavier than the vocals.
Production Quality Unfortunate

The production quality has another lapse in track three," Wednesday." This is very interesting song - one with bursts of jazz, intricate piano work and the passionate vocals. The horn section seeps in an out in an off-beat way. Something is just not seamless on the mix. It is quite unfortunate. However, the song is still enjoyable.

As the EP moves through with a persistent cadence of bleeding emotions and random eclectic arrangements, it is apparent Intended Creation leaves intense imprints of art on each canvass. At times the songs are moody (track five, "Slyvia") and relaxing; other times they are anxious and spellbinding. "Sylvia" is an ode to Sylvia Plath. So, do no expect something uplifting on this one. The gritty production on "Slyvia" moves along like an early Hole track.
Overall Review is a B

Fans of Christina Perri will dig Intended Creation. What fans will note is the sharpness of Perri's voice and maturity, versus the raw talent and grittiness found in Intended Creation. What they will love is the minimalist approach of vocals and stripped down lyrics targeted to the heart. The Awake EP has definite standouts and overall garners a solid B.

This listener would have enjoyed a better mixed and produced CD. The orchestration and arrangements are interesting, but give this a few listens to really sink in the gut. It is fascinating to hear an emerging talent.

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Read more at Suite101: CD Review: Awake EP Steady and Original
- Suite 101

"Intended Creation - Awake"

Intended Creation is a fusion of jazz, pop, folk and rock, melded together in such a way that it challenges the mind while it is pleasing to hear. Whether hammering on a piano, plucking a guitar or bashing dissonant percussion, multi-instrumentalist Christa Golding is nothing short of a musically-creative dynamo.

The band sounds like one of those hyper-ambitious acts you might find plugging away in the back room of a coffee shop or bar in New York's Lower East Side - hungry for attention and bursting with emotion. AWAKE actually sounds like it was recorded live at one of those nighttime hot spots, with the rawness of the recording amplifying the starkness of the passionate outpouring.

Golding bears such a sharp, throaty wail that each word spat from her mouth strikes like a poison-tipped dagger into the listener's heart. With a tidal force of versatility and passion compressed into each track, Intended Creation is an honest-to-goodness, unique musical entity. With such minimalistic instrumentation, one might think that the band would become pigeonholed or locked into one pithy style. Yet, this perfect storm of songwriting and instrumental innovation elevates its creative flow beyond petty genre. It frees the band to harness the most potent energy possible from each instrument utilized.

And though each musical expression (AKA "song") is condensed into a succinct short-burst cut, smack in the middle of the set is arguably the most impassioned, gut-wrenching track, the instrumental "Fixated." Even without vocals, the piano and weeping brass track with fluttering woodwind accompaniment force a knot into the listener's throat within the first two minutes of play - seemingly expressing the silent anguish of a tortured soul.

- Music Emissions

"Intended Creation - Awake EP"

The 100 seconds that “Train” occupies at the beginning of the “Awake” EP are tremendous important, an insight in which listeners can gain their first glance of Intended Creation. What they will immediately learn from “Train” is that the band operates on a number of distinct levels. This means that while Intended Creation can come forth with a tremendously compelling interplay between drums and guitar, that the act looks to change the whole of music with this dynamic. There may be a jam that threads itself through the entirety of “Train”, but there is also an approximation of the titular object and a bold disregard for attitudes regarding tempo and time. This makes for a hell of a track, a miniature epic that does more in a sub two-minute frame than most bands can do over the course of an hour, and it should be the reason that listeners will want to focus in to the rest of the album.

“My Words” is such a sea change from “Train” that listeners’ interests can only be further piqued. Integrating vocals to this track, Intended Creation shift the axis in which the track succeeds while still coming forth in the most impressive way possible. While ancillary to the music, the production on “My Words” is also important as it imbues a much more close and coffee shop-esque atmosphere to the track. As each track begins on the “Awake” EP, a different facet to Intended Creation’s persona is highlighted. The rapidly-increasing speed of the piano during this track gives aural evidence to the band’s talent and skill, while further chipping away at conceptions that listeners may hold toward the band.

This EP ends with “Move”, a track that straddles tribal and electronic, personal and planned; the track itself acts as a powerful exclamation point to this release. Instead of playing it safe, Intended Creation create a track in “Move” that takes up psychedelic, new wave, world music, and even ambient genres that rides hard until the band closes up shop. “Move” is one of the few releases I’ve heard this year that shows such a vibrancy and visceral quality to a band, and it should be the next purchase for anyone with a few extra bucks this holiday season.

Top Tracks: My Words, Fixated

Rating: 8.4/10

- James McQuiston, NeuFutur (print magazine)

"Intended Creaiton - Get wrapped up in "Awake""

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Intended Creation
Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:42. Richie FriemanTodays Feature

The artist behind Intended Creation is making music with great motivation – great philosophy. The Toronto native says of her project, “I love that it refers to manifesting something in the physical via the mental. To manifest something simply through intention is something that I absolutely agree with. The mind makes magic, and thoughts carry with them very powerful vibrations.”

Her debut EP, “Awake” represents this though process. We asked Intended Creation to get into it: “’Awake’ is my first real recorded body of music, and it involves an exploration of genre and style, instrumentation and improvisation, expectation, and the element of chance… The project has really opened me as a performer, and as a person, and it has led me to my own voice in many ways, and on many levels.” It’s an eye opener, with sounds that come off a beautiful pallet. She says “I think that I'm still exploring my options and tasting the flavors. I'd like to be as versatile as possible, and I'd rather not settle into a consistent sound. There is a consistency, however, in instrumentation and method, and so I think that much of my sound is and will continue to be very percussion driven, usually including strings, voices, and varied woodwinds/brass.” Keep an eye out for a show with Intended Creation – tours are being pulled together right now. There’s more to learn, so keep going for the answers to the XXQ’s.

XXQs: Intended Creation

PEV: How would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand out over the others in your genre?

Intended Creation (SL): I think that I'm still exploring my options and tasting the flavors. I'd like to be as versatile as possible, and I'd rather not settle into a consistent sound. There is a consistency, however, in instrumentation and method, and so I think that much of my sound is and will continue to be very percussion driven, usually including strings, voices, and varied woodwinds/brass. I am also very influenced by world percussion, rhythms, and forms. "Awake" is an exploration in sound involving acoustic, singer-songwriter style pieces, instrumental and percussion driven pieces, blues, elements of rock, world music, and an eclectic instrumentation. As far as standing out in my genre, I'm not really sure what genre I am... but I guess my "stand out" element would be the element of surprise. I feel that the Ep is a bit of a surprise - I think that it really plays on expectations.

PEV: Hailing from Toronto, Canada, what kind of music where you into growing up? Was anyone your main influence?

IC: Well although I live in Toronto, I'm actually from Cambridge, Ontario - a smaller city about an hour West of Toronto. I was into all sorts of music, although my exposure to the mainstream was more or less limited. We didn't ever have cable, nor did we listen to mainstream radio, so my knowledge of popular bands/music growing up was pretty sparse. As a kid I had a collection of records - don't remember the specifics of how I obtained it, but it included a lot of classical music, nursery rhymes and stories, Donny Osmond's "Crazy Horses" (everyone needs to Youtube this... so entertaining), Cheap Trick, and others. I also had an affair with Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell," as well as the soundtrack to "Dirty Dancing."

As a teenager, one artist that I consistently listened to was Jewel - loved her music, and I learned much of it on guitar. I have always loved singer/songwriters. In high school I liked different bands here and there, mostly rock, art rock, singer-songwriter, and instrumental stuff. I was exposed to the most music in university, and I'd say that most of my influences are the Romantic and Modern composers (mostly modern), world rhythms, and the ideas and concepts of other artists in other mediums. One of my favorite pieces of all time is Steve Reich's "Music For 18 Musicians."

PEV: With that, what can fans expect from a live Intended Creation show?

IC: At present, the live show is solo acoustic. I play guitar and keys, and sing. Occasionally I have a sax player and a cellist, but until I write more parts for them...I feel bad having them only play a few parts each every time. In the past, however, the sets have featured bass, guitar, drums, French horn, flute, sax, cello, spoken word collaborations, contemporary dancers, capes and costumes. In the future I'd like to score more music and have live ensembles, as well as continuing to integrate the spoken word, dance, and other art forms.

PEV: What is the story behind the moniker, “Intended Creation”? Why did you decide to run with that?

IC: I originally called the project "Nightmusic," but then found a band that already had that name. I wanted to have something of a synonym for "Music," and I looked up a definition of "Music" in a textbook of mine. It said something along the lines of "The intention to create..." etc. and as I pondered it, it just named itself. I love that it also refers to manifesting something in the physical via the mental. To manifest something simply through intention is something that I absolutely agree with. The mind makes magic, and thoughts carry with them very powerful vibrations.

PEV: Any preshow rituals before going on stage or do you just wing it?

IC: I usually rehearse the day before, but I don't rehearse the day of the show. I try to spend time with myself beforehand, I listen to the album and I drink plenty of tea. This is if I have the time, of course... sometimes I have absolutely no time for anything, and I absolutely wing it - no set list, a borrowed patch cord. I guess it depends on the show.

PEV: What was the underlining inspiration for your music? Where do get your best ideas for songs?

IC: Each piece has its own motivations and inspirations, and so each piece is special to me on its own, as well as within the album. I think that my best ideas come from my most honest approach. Occasionally I'll feel the pressure of an upcoming show and I'll try to write new music just to fill the set, but I never really end up using it. The best music comes when I approach the act of creating honestly. I think that as far as songwriting goes, I'd say that "Only You" is probably one of my best, and that inspiration came from an attempt to empathize with someone else - to put myself in their shoes, in an effort to understand a lament, and to capture it in a song. I think the best music comes from being as honest as possible - on many different levels.

PEV: Tell us about your debut EP release, "Awake". What can fans expect from this work?

IC: "Awake" is my first real recorded body of music, and it involves an exploration of genre and style, instrumentation and improvisation, expectation, and the element of chance. It began as a composition portfolio in the fall of 2007, and at this point - I'm not really sure if I've been creating it or if it's been creating me. I wanted to touch on a variety of genres and styles, and use an eclectic instrumentation, so as to create an "appetizer plate" of sorts - a selection of what I create as a composer. The project has really opened me as a performer, and as a person, and it has led me to my own voice in many ways, and on many levels. The album features Mark Healy on alto sax, Rain Willow on cello, Elke Eble on French horn, and Michael Franklin on keyless wooden flute, and I think that the instrumental performances were the highlights of the album. It was mixed and mastered by Kaylub Hyde, who really rounded off my edges and brought a subtle sort of beauty to the album. Everyone did an amazing job.

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about Intended Creation?

IC: I guess in reference to the music - "Move" was played by hand in real time. I know it seems like loops...

PEV: What one word best describes Intended Creation?

IC: Honest.

PEV: What is like to play in the states for the first time? Any big difference from that of Canada?

IC: I haven't played in the states yet! Working on it....

PEV: Is there one area you wish you could travel around and play that you have not yet?

IC: Everywhere! I'm definitely planning to tour as much as possible, but I'd also really like to travel and study instruments and musical traditions of other cultures - Ghana may be's been on my mind for a few years.

PEV: What can we find you doing in your spare time, aside from playing/writing music?

IC: I manage myself and I work. Ideally, I'd like to be as independent as possible, (label, management, etc.) and so I spend a lot of my spare time reading and researching the "business" aspects of independent music. I also teach instrumental music to kids in the evenings. I try to get out to shows, see other artists perform, and network, but in the cold weather....I do it a little less of it. I am also into creative writing, and I read quite a bit. In the summer I love the forest, and being outside.

PEV: Is there an up and coming band or artist you think we should all be looking out for now?

IC: I've actually been checking out Allie Hughes lately (she's from Toronto) - I like the song "Damaged Nail." I played a show with her about a year ago - she closed the night, and she was awesome! She has a great band, and she is a great performer - I like her ideas (costumes), it's dramatic and she's entertaining from the beginning of the set to the end.

PEV: If you weren’t playing music now what do you think you would be doing as your career?

IC: I'd probably be a writer.

PEV: So, what is next for Intended Creation?

IC: I'm going to be working on setting up a tour, working on new music, and writing parts for instrumentalists for my current music and for new live music. I want to lend some more attention now to my live sets


CHRISTA GOLDING always knew that she had the music in her but finding her voice was a whole other story. Through the establishment of her musical project INTENDED CREATION, GOLDING was able to find her voice and showcase her tremendous musicality. The multi-instrumental Canadian singer songwriter is on the verge of releasing her debut EP AWAKE and the results go further than one could imagine. AWAKE is no mere collection of your standard bridge/chorus/bridge/chorus fair . Instead GOLDING proves to be equally at home with moody piano-led ballads as she is with haunting instrumentals with quasi-classical sensibilities.

"Intended Creation, Awake"

What I love about Indie artists is that they take risks and that they have no set boundaries or limitations holding them back. A big-time record company isn’t telling these musicians what they should play and how it should sound. The outcome is usually downright raw and unpredictable, which I simply love!

Intended Creation is one person, Christa, and she embraces this sense of pure rawness wonderfully on her new release Awake. This Toronto-based singer/songwriter is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays acoustic guitar, electric bass, Roland V-Drums, grand piano and keyboards on her debut EP. Besides being a multi-dimensional artist, Intended Creation also mixes in various styles and genres of music. What you’re getting here is Christa experimenting with different types of sounds & musical patterns and the Intended Creation is whatever you get out of it. This ain’t rock, pop, disco, jazz, blues, rap, country, R&B, electronica, metal, alternative or classical; none of the above. Awake is simply a form of art and a music experiment that will open your eyes & ears.

The seven-track recording opens with a short ‘n’ sweet instrumental titled “Train”. Next up is “My Words”, which had a nice touch of acoustic guitar but vocally there seemed to be pitch problems. Christa’s singing style and voice on this number I personally wasn’t feeling as it just didn’t sound good to me at all. Following along, we get a song called “Wednesday” that added a wonderful sense of mystery & mystique thanks in part to the presence of piano. Track four “Fixated” got me focused on one thing and that was the piano. Intended Creation is simply shining here with the black & white keys making sweet noise. This fine piece also includes a French horn and flute solo to make “Wednesday” even more unique. Next up we have “Sylvia” that offers up out-of-tune or maybe even awkward-sounding guitar playing with an equally awkward vocal performance that unfortunately made for an unpleasant listening experience. I was so happy when I heard the next track “Only You” because everything worked perfectly here. Vocally & musically, Intended Creation was completely in sync and I felt she finally found her niche on this song. “Only You” was by far my favorite song on the EP because Christa truly felt it as she was in tune with herself and her audience. This was music to my ears! The Toronto musician ended the disc on a percussive note that was emphasized in such a cool fashion. The finale was called “Move” and for good reason with the drums and its beats dominating the track.

What I really enjoyed here with Intended Creation was how she wasn’t afraid to try new things and play with sound. The creativity and originality is totally there, but I would recommend working on vocal approach & delivery. I’ll end with two excellent quotes from the artist herself that pretty much sums up the record: “As an artist, this album was my exploration of genre/style, instrumentation, improvisation, expectation and the element of chance. I wanted to create something new, honest, and thought provoking.” I’ll have to agree with this statement and say that Intended Creation’s Awake opened up my mind.

By Jimmy Rae (
- Skope Magazine


Awake - Ep - 04/29/11



Intended Creation's debut Ep "Awake" was released April 29, 2011, and features a selection of seven pieces exploring genre and style, instrumentation, improvisation, random selection, and the element of chance. The Ep received excellent reviews from a variety of indie publications, secured feature spots in music and entertainment blogs, and spent a number of weeks in rotation on college and triple A radio stations across North America. The Ep features Mark Healy on alto sax, Rain Willow on cello, Michael Franklin on keyless wooden flute, Elke Eble on french horn, and Christa Golding on acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keys, vocals, and percussion. The album was mixed and mastered by Kaylub Hyde for Eardrum Valley Studios.

Thanks for listening!

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