Rochester, Michigan, USA

Rock and Blues with a twist of Metal, a pinch of experimental, and a lot of attitude.


Genre: Rock, Metal, Blues
Location: Rochester, MI
Mt. Pleasant, MI

Intensiosity's music is extraordinary in that it crosses over many genres, but always maintain a depth and "intensiosity" that is truly unique. We call it metal with a twist, but it's more like Rock and Blues with a twist of Metal, a pinch of experimental, and a lot of attitude.
Adam's influences are classic rock and blues and Sean loves to create orderly sonic wildness. The stability of the rock guitar coupled with the complexity of Sean's leads create layers of depth that make you want to listen over and over again. To top it off, they are both lead guitarists, so they feed off of each other, taking turns mesmerizing the audience. Adam is the main lyricist of the group, and he has given the songs, already quite "intense" musically, a depth that is quite surprising.

Add a bassist (Evan), whose bass lines are rock solid and steady and at the same time impossible not to notice. Evan is a classically trained musician, and his solid bass styles give the band a firm foundation. He is all over the fretboard pumping out chords, wild progressions and fills. Evan is a very versatile vocalist, and fledgling writer.

The drummer, Thomas, is rock solid and flexible, Thomas has the attitude and talent to keep up with the demands of three very strong axemen. He can change from smooth jazz beats to headbanging on the fly.

Bottom line? They Rock.

- John Bonetti - manager


"The Falling Sky" is our first demo. We will be recording in the summer of 2010. You can check out our sound and videos at

Set List

We adjust our set list for the audience and the venue. We only do one cover, "Tonight, I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" from Spinal Tap. We have also covered Buckethead, Primus, Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Our typical set runs 45 minutes, although we have enough original material to last an hour or more. We can also add some acoustic songs for the right venue.