Intensi-T & Soldier-A

Intensi-T & Soldier-A

 London, England, GBR
BandHip HopR&B

Two Microphones, Two voices. A Million Sounds.
Beatbox and Rap. Two of the strongest Hip Hop elements combine on stage to create an awe inspiring live set.


Raised in the city of Norwich in the East of England, the duo consists of rapper ‘Soldier-A’ and beatboxer ‘Intensi T‘. Meeting at a show in early 2010, They decided to create a new sound that the UK had never seen or heard before on this level.
They cover a range of genres from Hip Hop & RnB to Grime DnB & Dubstep and anything else the crowd want to hear!
Everything in their live set is strictly vocal. All of the music you hear is created by Intensi-T whilst the lyricism of Soldier-A flows clearly over the top, resulting in an awe inspiring live show.

Both in their teens, working independently over the past few months they have raked in over one hundred thousand views on their youtube videos and created a growing buzz around their name.

The duo are both hard workers in education and in music- finishing up their A levels at the same time as performing all over the country. Within their first two months working together they have received many national bookings and their phones don’t stop ringing!
Not your typical Hip Hop crew, these two boys have a fresh image that the females adore and a sound that wins them respect and merchandise sales.
Using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the duo are able to keep in contact with their fans and build a loyal following, regularly being asked to appear on the radio due to the large response they receive each time.
On their travels across the country, Intensi T and Soldier get time to take in what’s happening around them in their rise to success, consequently creating material that is relevant to their lives.

Being in their teens, Soldier-A & Intensi-T appeal to a wide audience, and have built up a large fanbase, being a known name in every school/college in the east of England. Because of their versatility and talent they appeal to any age group, young and old.

They have collaborated with the likes of Sway, Double S, Master Shortie, Mz Bratt and Smurfie Syco to name a few and have been bigged up by some of the largest names in UK Music; Dizzee Rascal and Chase & Status. The BBC have also recently done a feature on them.

With this much progress independently within a few months, The future is bright

Set List

anything up to 25mins
check the videos

2 mics
2 bottles of water
pa system