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Berlin, Germany | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Berlin, Germany | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Indie




"Interbellum - Dead Pets, Old Griefs [Review]"

"The effect is that of a music box grown sentient, breaking from the programmed jingle to communicate more sincerely, with human heart." - Various Small Flames

"INTERBELLUM Dead Pets, Old Griefs Review"

"A beautiful discovery." - Indie For Bunnies (Italian)

"Regional Pop-Culture Highlights"

“[Mattar’s] melodic skills and knack for a stop-you-in-your-tracks lyric shine through once again.” - Arab News

"Deep Diving Into Interbellum's Jukebox"

“A series of ten songs with unique atmospheres, evoking at once childhood, love and nostalgia in a uniform mosaic”
L’Orient Le Jour - L'Orient Le Jour (French)

"Melodic Tonic ’18 October 10th"

“Interbellum has made our list of Favorite Discoveries of 2018. Take a listen and you will understand why." - The Revue


“‘Ink’ is an irresistibly dreamy, warm and inviting companion filled with a heart-swelling sentiment and all configured in the catchiest arrangement possible.” - Barry Gruff


'Ready To Dissolve' is the loveliest indie pop confection you’ll hear all year. - mp3hugger

"Interbellum - Ink"

“Hallelujah. When you hear “Ink”, the sun rises… And the text is a little revelation” - We Love That Sound (German)

"Interbellum creates lush psychedelic waves of romance on "Ready To Dissolve" from the album "Dead Pets, Old Griefs""

Sonically lush with effected guitars painting pretty pictures. Psychedelic music breaks take the song down enchanted rabbit holes. - American Pancake


'Ready To Dissolve' is a highlight off the album and a true showcase of their winning lo-fi formula that sounds like a dreamy mix of Yo La Tengo and Luna. - We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Arab Bands You Need to Stream Right Now"

Named one of 5 Middle Eastern bands to check out - GQ Middle East


"Interbellum's songs are driven by a poppy lo-fi sound, exciting songwriting, a dose of dissonance and lots of little catchy hooks." - I Can Guarantee (German)

"[Video Premiere] Interbellum - Ink"

“A dizzying kaleidoscopic foray into memory, through 10 lo-fi pop rock gems” - Project Revolver


“Dead Pets, Old Griefs is a real find, an insider's tip that has earned a lot of publicity.” - Lie In The Sound (German)

"Interbellum - "Ready To Dissolve""

"Ready to Dissolve is a wonderful slice of downbeat indie guitar pop" - Doubtful Sounds

"The Best Records of October 2018"

"A staggering work from a name worth remembering" - Heartbreaking Bravery

"The top alternative albums of 2018 from the Arab world"

"Dead Pets, Old Griefs is a bold step forward" - Arab News

"The 50 Best Middle Eastern Albums of 2018"

"A mature undertaking that clearly stems from years of experience and experimentation." - Scene Noise

"Best Alternative Albums of 2018 (Lebanon)"

Named one of the best alternative Lebanese albums - Beehype

"Interbellum - Dead Pets, Old Griefs"

"A lovely little record" - Gold Flake Paint

"Lebanese alternative 15"

Named one of the best 15 alternative releases from Lebanon - The Wire


Dead Pets, Old Griefs (2018, Ruptured/Cargo Records)
Now Try Coughing (2016,  self-released)



Interbellum is the musical project of Lebanese singer-songwriter Karl Mattar. The project blends elements of noise pop, folk and garage rock into an idiosyncratic mix centered around Mattar's songwriting.

Latest album Dead Pets, Old Griefs (2018, Ruptured/Cargo Records) was recorded with producer and long-time collaborator Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios, Beirut.

It features 10 songs that revolve around themes of memory, time, childhood, and loss. Apocalyptic imagery - real, imagined and figurative - permeates the album, and the instrumentation follows suit, warping, distorting and folding on itself. The record plays like a broken music box, its kaleidoscopic melodic songs disjointed and smeared by noise, dissonance and processed sounds.

The project and album have made best-of lists in the Arab world and beyond, receiving praise from publications like Gold Flake Paint, The Wire and GQ Middle East among many others.

Interbellum previously self-released the guitar- driven Now Try Coughing (2016). Mattar has also released folk albums under the name Charlie Rayne. Both projects have been staples of Wickerpark Festival, the leading indie festival in the Middle East.

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