Intercooled has the look, stage presence, sound, and style of music that captures the ear and loyalty of every audience member. It is a freshness on stage that excites the audience.


A striking blend of alternative rock, a mesmerizing stage presence, and ear catching lyrics has made INTERCOOLED one of the most popular bands to capture the attention of the Jacksonville music scene. INTERCOOLED possesses that unique familiarity that guarantees the audience will anxiously await their next performance. Unique in the sense that INTERCOOLED is known as innovators. Yet strangely familiar in the sense that the audience is consumed and instantly relates to the catchy lyrics. Fans continue to sing long after the show has concluded, even if it is their first INTERCOOLED experience.

INTERCOOLED retains the distinctive power to spellbindingly hold the audience's attention. Everyone within earshot becomes immersed in the music. INTERCOOLED's energy on stage filters out into the audience and makes the fans just as much a part of the show as the four guys under the spotlights. It is this ability to engage the audience that sets INTERCOOLED apart.

No stranger to corroboration with seasoned performers INTERCOOLED has taken the stage with such successful musical groups such as Trapt, CKY, Shinedown, Memento, and Lennon. In addition, INTERCOOLED can be heard on 93.3 Native Noise 3 compilation CD track #17 with their song entitled Blown.

Fate and a force greater than the band itself brought the members of INTERCOOLED together. Front man, Kyle Hallman initially formed a friendship with accomplished bassist, Cary Jordan, at Englewood High School. However, after only one semester Jordan transferred to the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and the pair lost contact. Drummer, Grady McCarty transferred to Englewood High School after Jordan’s departure. Hallman and McCarty quickly realized they shared the same passion towards music and became fast friends and practice companions. It was not until after high school graduation that the pair, Hallman and McCarty, bumped into guitarist Jason Savick at an area bar. In an attempt to continue the party Hallman and McCarty ended up back at Savick’s house where they quickly realized he was a guitarist. Although the three did not initially consider themselves a band they began the search for a bassist. Hallman candidly admits he was looking for Jordan but he could not be found. It took a chance encounter on an evening where both Hallman and Jordan would rather have stayed home to complete INTERCOOLED. After reuniting with Jordan, the band began to pick up strength and quickly became a force in the Jacksonville music scene.

2003 promises to be an even more exciting year for INTERCOOLED as they release their second demo and began to set their sites on capturing the attention of other southern cities in the USA. INTERCOOLED displays the mark of a force to be reckoned with. The waves they have created in Jacksonville are indicative of the level of success they will attain on a much larger scale.

INTERCOOLED is primed, poised and ready to take you on a musical ride you won't soon forget.


4 song demo available

Set List

Typical set consists of 45-60 minutes of all original songs. Kyle Hallman's (front man) dynamic personality keeps the audience's energy high as the band progresses through the following set list:

Grady's Song
New and Improved (50% More)
Start Again
Punker Slut
Jason's Song
Kyle's Song
I Don't Give a Damn