Club-friendly melodic electro with a Depeche Mode sound to it. Has been called the American answer to Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, or VNV Nation.


Interface has been producing its own brand of electronic music since 1993, making it one of New York’s longest-lived electronic music acts. Founded and led by programmer/keyboardist and lead vocalist Eric Eldredge, Interface combines the sonic edge of industrial, the club energy of trance, and a melodic sensibility for a unique experience. Each of the band’s multiple studio albums has been met with critical acclaim and widespread play across clubs and various types of radio stations. In addition, Eric is prolific in the remix market using the Interface name, lending a hand to numerous top artists. The band’s current lineup is rounded out by Jon Billian (keyboards/guitar), J. Joseph Dobise (keyboards/additional production), and Justin Parker (touring drummer).

After four total EP cassettes, Eric's stint with the coldwave band Valve, and several lineup shifts throughout the remainder of the decade, Interface’s debut CD The Artemis Complex was completed in January 1999. A combination of new songs alongside definitive recordings of earlier material, it immediately won over critics and landed a distribution deal with Tinman Records. A sampling of industrial/EBM aesthetics of the time, it offered fan favorites such as "Metalstorm", "The Softest Blade", and "Frantic". The band then formed into its longest-running lineup of Eric, his brother Evan Eldredge (guitar/keyboards), and Billian, making its name on the Internet (most notably the website) and through an intense live show schedule.

After upgrading the band’s studio, Interface released its breakthrough album Angels in Disguise on Tinman in July 2002. The album’s songwriting and production won more acclaim from critics in various publications, with songs like "Wasted Time", "Temperature", "Ability", and the title track becoming widely played. Following its release, the band began to once again play heavily to support the album (Jon and Evan became official members of the band in 2003). Tinman also helped assemble the Wasted Time and Disguised as Angels EP’s to further the band’s presence. However, the label underwent financial difficulties before either EP was released. The band would later post both as free downloads for a limited time in 2004.

Tinman closed its doors in 2005 just as Interface announced on the website that a new album was well underway. After a year of searching and negotiating with various labels, Interface eventually inked a deal with Nilaihah Records, a label based in Columbus, Ohio and owned by members of The Azoic. The next album Beyond Humanity came in March 2006 to another round of positive reviews and play in both clubs and radio playlists on the strengths of songs like "Age of Computers", "Faith in Nothing", and "Nobody’s Hero". The disc was released as the "Expanded Edition" with a host of bonus remixes attached. Once again the band took to the road to support it, this time reaching more cities than ever before. However the band’s touring schedule led Evan to leave the band that year to pursue other interests. Shortly afterward, the "Escape" EP came out as part of the "Fourplay Vol. 1" compilation.

Nilaihah has also acquired Tinman’s remaining inventory of Angels in Disguise, assuming control of the album’s distribution, in 2006. In 2007 the label then re-mastered the now out-of-print The Artemis Complex for a digital re-release through its download outlets complete with several new mixes of "Metalstorm".

Interface spent 2007 working on remixes and compilation appearances, including a highly popular remake of "Land of Confusion" by Genesis for the Machines Against Hunger 2 disc set. Most notable was the contest-winning remix of Lacuna Coil's "To The Edge", which is on the Visual Karma tour DVD.

Preceded in October 2008 by a remix EP of the album’s standout track, "Destination", Interface returns to the electro forefront with another well-received chapter in its decade-plus career with the album Visions Of Modern Life in 2009. This new album only serves to continue the growth and evolution of Interface.


The Artemis Complex (Tinman, 1999)
Angels In Disguise (Tinman, 2002)
Beyond Humanity (Nilaihah, 2006)
Escape EP (Nilaihah, 2006)
Destination Focus EP (Nilaihah, 2008)
Visions Of Modern Life (Nilaihah, 2009)

Set List

Set lists vary in length (from 30-60 min depending on the event) and selections, usually centering on material from Visions Of Modern Life, Beyond Humanity, and Angels In Disguise.