Interfuse immerses itself in rock n' roll with wreckless abandon. A cathartic mix of rock n' roll, post-punk and indie rock. In line with the indie and DIY ethics and working hard to make our own footpoint on the sonic landscape. Live shows that melt faces.


On St. Valentine's Day 1999, Akron, Ohio's Interfuse began its abusive love affair with Rock n' Roll. Sean, Nick, Mike, Lisa, Interfuse...Nick, Mike, Lisa, Sean, Interfuse...Mix and match, it’s all the same, but that is the way it has been.

Borrowed amps, old drums, beat down guitars yielded an intense, raw, punk-infused sound that now defines Interfuse. It all started in the basement of an Akron bungalow...first chord, first moment in Interfuse’s existence, the amps caught fire. Still they saw this as a sign of something bigger.

Interfuse cut their self-titled EP in late 2000 and began to tour shortly after. In June of 2005, Interfuse joined with Tragic End Records (Distributed by Revolver) to internationally release "Closed Doors, Open Tracks". To accalimed national reviews the album has been recognized as one of the Top 10 local albums of 2005 by Cleveland Scene Magazine. The album is a cathartic release in every sense of the word showing Interfuse expanding on their sound.

With music rooted in their love of D.C. Hardcore (Fugazi), Chicago hard rock (Jesus Lizard, Shellac), Seattle rock and roll (Murder City Devils) and New York noise (Sonic Youth), the group took its music to the local stages and has been a fixture since. What came from those early days in Akron has been described as “noisy, jagged-guitar heavy sound” captured in a “punk-infused, hard rock fest” (Akron Beacon Journal).

In late 2002, they journeyed on a short east coast tour and then a longer tour of the mid-west and Ohio with Disengage and Solo Flyer in 2003. Interfuse spent the summer of 2005 touring the East Coast and midwest. These tours along with shows in Northeast Ohio have helped Interfuse to become a recognized name among not only other bands, but fans as well.

Most recently, Interfuse has played with The Liars, The Black Keys, Eagles of Death Metal, Guitar Wolf, Federation X, Birds of Avalon, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, King's X, HelicopterHelicopter, Rubber City Rebels and was a part of the The Suicide Girls Live Review.


"Closed Doors Open Tracks"
Full length CD released internationally on Tragic End Records.

2001 Self-titled CD/EP
Self Released

Features Analogue, CD Truth, Daillus, DEVA, Ego Plum, A Friend of Mabel's, Full Wave Rectifier, House of Sectionals, Interfuse, The Kowalskis, Left Orbit Temple, Magicyclops, Roger McClain, OCCUPANT, The Punk Group, The Rapers, The Set Ups, The Spud Boys, Stevomatic Destiny, and Will DEVO.

"The Neuerung Tour CD" (2003)
2 songs from us. Also appearing on this disc are three other awesome bands that we spent time parading around the mid-west with. They call themselves Disengage, Soloflyer, and The Party of Helicopters. Fun.

"The Wonderful World of Ohio M-80 Magazine #3"
We were pleasantly surprised to have a song end up on this disc. It features 26 songs from some of Northeast Ohio’s best bands past to present including Devo, Dead Boys, and the Black Keys.

"Vertzine Compilation CD"
Vertzine is alocal punk, BMX, skate zine. We have one song on this disc of seven punk bands including but not limited to, The Bouncing Souls and Orange 9mm.

"Warning!: Place Arm Here for Amputation: A" double CD compilation of Cleveland's finest and other great underground acts. 53 bands/2 hours and 40 minutes of music

Set List

Our set list varies from show to show to keep the audience guessing. Our sets can last from 25 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Below is a list of our most played songs:
Jeff Truth
Nixon's Widow
My...That's A Very Fine Handbag
Cremation of Care
So This Is What You Wanted
So Jesus Walks Into A Bar
Why Do You Smoke Those Fancy Cigarettes (Not Recorded as of March 2006)
Oh My God...Don't Do It Thomas
Cheeseburger Wasteland
Milona De Muerto Por Favor

Covers (usually during encores):
Bullet - Misfits
Havana, Boyfriend, Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World and various other Ramones
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA - DEVO