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This band has not uploaded any videos



"review by: Jeremy Beals"

***This*** is moderately paced, and has many areas where mellow arpeggiations take precedence with clean vocals overlying them; at the other end of the spectrum, ***This*** also has its lean and mean parts with screaming, jumping bass, and power chords.

The use of the vocalist's clean vocals over both pedal-laden effected guitars and clean picking has a pretty good sounding quality about it, and when used between some of the various intense passages, it creates a pretty nice dynamic (this is especially shown in songs such as "Remember" and "Stray"). The bass is pretty prominent during the slow segments of the disk where it strengthens the tension between both guitars and the drums during bridges. The production values are also pretty good, as the bass is clearly audible, the guitars sound very good, and the drums and vocals are not too loud or too soft.

If you like alternative rock/metalcore with the addition of screams and soft clean singing, then by all means give ***This*** a listen — it permeates every compositional fiber of this record. If not, ignore it for now, because there isn't a doubt in my mind that this will be playing on every radio station in the nation within a short period of time. -


**** THIS **** - 2007 Single on this album is "Black Splinter" (track 3)



Internal Defect has been a band for 7 years. Experimenting with industrial rhythms on a metal platform, they tweeked the norm by topping it with melodic and aggressive vocals. The internal defect is that part of each human that gives into societies standards, and allows societys wrong-doings to penetrate your life and activities. The music of Internal Defect reflects upon the temptations, pain, trials, and frustrations of youth. They are a Phoenix based band that is quickly gaining popularity in thier home town, and looking to gain a nation-wide audience with the strength of thier newly released album **** THIS ****.