International Love Corporation

International Love Corporation

 London, England, GBR

Orgasm and die with happiness in a room full of Love. Authentic, blood stained rock n roll, like an old 70's touring band. Think Last Waltz, Doors, Electric Ladyland era Hendrix. Classic songwriting, timeless music that will make you wonder if you've always known this band. Maybe you have.


The ILC are one of the most fantastic live bands you are likely to see. Truth! Fronted by Simon Eugene, ex singer of Out of my Hair from the late 90's, involving some of the great musicians around-with 1 album to their name, breaking up, reforming, splitting off into film productions, hardly known by anyone and yet loved by all who see them. The band have been based more in Berlin over the last 3 years but, on the verge of embarking on another album, its time to switch the ILC 'on' button again in the UK and, given the state of the world, it could hardly be a better time!

Fantastic songs. That is it. Like an undiscovered Beatles, or Doors, or some Electric Ladyland....its old school in the principles of the fact that music has the power to move and create JOY-but its not retro.

This band have together and individually supported the likes of ....Radiohead, David Bowie....

Line ups change from moment to moment. It doesn't matter. Its about the right spirit....and if you got it you're in. LOVE! It's not as silly as the cynics might think. In fact, it is truly special.



The Experimental Shape of Happiness
Everyone Knows

Set List

One Chance
Feel More Next to Me
Promised Man
Everyone Knows
International Love
Suns Gonna Shine on You
Still Breathing