International Zombies of Love

International Zombies of Love


International Zombies of Love is Toronto street rock icon Mike Farrell and a grab bag of friends - some of whom are actually musicians.
The project started out sparse and emotive but has since gone BIG.
Think Springsteen meets synths and you start to get the picture.
Wildly diverse live and recorded


International Zombies of Love is a very new musical project of Mike Farrell.

Well, Mike Farrell and a grab bag of various friends and musicians.

Mike started the project behind his piano, sleeping on the couch, pining for a love that waited across the sea.

Things have since morphed to include a core unit with Sean Beresford (co-producer with mike, guitars, bass, vox, echoplex, acetone, sandwiches) and Greg Woods (el badgerista, drums and percussion).

The debut album, just out on We Are Busy Bodies Records (Toronto), includes tracks with members of now defunct but local legends The Sure Things as well as songs featuring a horn section. The new album in the works has horns on it too. And moog. And wurlitzer. And conga. And acetone. And 50 year old jumbo country western guitars.

Mike, who was born in Syracuse but has called Toronto his home (with stints in Chile and Kingston,ON) for the better part of his life, is already an established street-rock icon in Canada (especially in Toronto and the “Golden Horseshoe” that surrounds it) via his band The Pariahs where he was the lead singer and chief co-writer of their material in a catalogue some 4 albums deep. Yeah, they played with The Ramones. And lots of other awesome luminaries of mayhem.

A respected songwriter and performer, Mike has shared bills on his own with the likes of Ron Sexsmith, Hayden, Willie P. Bennett, Greg Keelor and Tom Wilson and a bevy of other artists.

Recent highlights for International Zombies of Love have included playing with Perfume Genius in Ontario and Quebec, opening up the Live in Bellwoods outdoor series for NXNE 2011, playing with Bear Hands, Fort Lean, Dan Sartain, Gardens and Villa, DD/MM/YYYY, Metz, Odonis Odonis, Doldrums, Limblifter, Shellshag and Quest for Fire.

International Zombies of Love’s debut album was just released by We Are Busy Bodies (Toronto) in a vinyl only format (download drop card included), fall 2012.

A follow up album is planned for release in 2013.
Recording is already well underway.

A variety of dates in Canada and the United States, including appearances at festivals and touring though southern Ontario, Quebec in the fall and winter are currently in the works as well.

Much more to come.



08 Snowy Street

Written By: Mike Farrell

Afraid of lying in the dark
And so presents the greying park
With boots of plastic black and red
The daring twilight lies ahead

All the people that you meet
Walking on a snowy street

Twigs are breaking in the wood
Vampires leap and leap real good
Friends are few and far between
Things are not quite as they seem

All the people that you meet
Walking on a snowy street

And follow spotlights o’er the trees
The white of birds is all you see
It’s nighttime there and almost here
A ways to go before it’s clear

All the people that you meet
Walking on a snowy street
Each of us
Always discrete
Walking on a snowy street

02 Back To The Ball

Written By: Mike Farrell

Ropelessly running
And downward I’m sunning
I run
And I run just to fall

Follow two people
Falling down at the steeple
And their back to the wall

And everyone’s trying to be tough
And nobody says that they love you enough
Fallen down
Let’s get back
Get Back to the Ball

Roaring like repo
I pass the old depot
I can’t believe it’s now a mall
And who for the sinners
And the losers and the winners?
I can’t believe they’ll get a call

Bullets are flying o’er Rome
Find it hard to think that they’re not coming home
Fallen To Pieces
Let’s get back
Get Back to the Ball

And the wing gets engulfed by the sun
And the boy checking my bag’s too young for a gun
Let’s get back
Get Back to the Ball

Let’s go back to pieces
Let’s get back
Get back
To the ball


debut album - IZOL
released fall 2012 on We Are Busy Bodies Records (Toronto)
distributed in Canada by Outside Music
streaming on CBC Radio 3 online
charting soon on earshot

Set List

rider is customed per tour/gig
set lengths are generally 45 minutes but we can go longer and sometimes do
set list varies from gig to gig to keep it interesting