Interrobang!? is a band with its roots based in a number of genres including ska, reggae, hardcore and electronica. The group often focuses on perfecting the experience of their live show, incorporating the crowd and making sure that a great time is had by all in attendance.


The band’s name is Interrobang!? - the word used to describe that funny combination of an exclamation point and question mark. The band’s style is a mix of punk, indie, metal and ska. This sandlot group of teens from the south shore of Massachusetts chose the name in the fall of 2005 when they started practicing in a garage loft at a member’s home. The name was random then, but it’s fitting now. Because it is with a mix of surprise and intrigue that people react to the group, as it comes into its own and ventures out onto the Boston music scene. They’ve been told they sound like the well-known Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Big D and the Kids Table, but band members are quick to point out that is because people don’t always know what to make of their unique style. ‘‘When people make comparisons, it’s flattering to hear,’’ Briggs said, ‘‘but we also like to have our own sound.’’ The band started performing at backyards parties. With time, they found a small music theater in Plaistow, N.H. The Sad Cafe - a family kind of place, so they made certain accommodations. In the Emergenza Music Festival, they came in Third overall in the finals for the Boston competition out of over 300 bands. Now, they have added some bigger stops to their list: The Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs, The Abbey Lounge, The Paradise Lounge, Great Scott, Axis and Avalon. They have played with bands such as The Aggrolites (Hellcat Records), Bomb the Music Industry!(Asian Man Records) and The Fad (Bankshot! Records)


Live Dangerously - Demo
More Bang For Your Buck IV - Compilation
Just Regression EP

Set List

All original songs, sets can last anywhere between half hour to an hour. Setlists are always different. A sample one would be.