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Interstate Buffalo

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States | SELF

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States | SELF
Band Blues Rock


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"Interstate Buffalo "One Step Away" (USA)"

It is a rarity when you can throw a modern Blues Rock album into a pile of great Classic Blues Rock albums, of the 70's, by the likes of the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, and Gov't Mule, to name a few, and no one would be the wiser that it wasn't one of the great albums from that era; Interstate Buffalo's "One Step Away", is such a rarity.
- John Vermilyea Blues Underground Network

"Unkempt, ill-tempered blues rock"

Interstate Buffalo’s One Step Away erupts with a nasty slide guitar intro on “Down in a Bad Way.” And the full-length debut album from the Little Rock quartet stays rather nasty for its 11-track, roughly 55-minute run time. But nasty, when discussing One Step Away, is a compliment of the highest order. We’re not talking about tunes that are highly unpleasant or physically harming. No, the nasty of “Down in a Bad Way” and other tunes on One Step Away is the good kind of nasty. As in “that’s one nasty guitar riff.” And One Step Away is an album packed with those riffs. “Old Friend” moves like an armored column charging over the horizon, and that “Running After Shadows” rhythm sounds like a hunter on the prowl in the darkness. - Shea Stewart with Sync Magazine

""Take a Ride with Interstate Buffalo!"

CD- One Step Away

Down in a Bad Way - comes in with a strong lead true blues axe followed shortly by a true blues growl of a smooth voice. Have you ever been down in a bad way? YES. Everyone can relate to this song. Steady blues beat being held by a good rhythm section of bass and percussion. This song has an enormous lift of a solo in the middle that is a dying art. I love a great, long solo! Kudo’s to you!! Little Rock to Memphis, been on that long stretch of road so many times it’s a short stretch now but YES, I relate to this song. - Jennifer Evans

"Party Rock"

"Interstate Buffalo is a Southern rock and blues Monster!"
- Shea Stewart, Sync Weekly (Dec 27, 2011) - Sync Weekly

"Featured Artist: Interstate Buffalo"

"Interstate Buffalo conjures images of powerful stampeding animals across the highways of America. If there was one way to explain what this band sounds like...well let's just say the did well by choosing such a name. Their music is a mirror image of their name, it comes at your hard and fast with plenty of high powered engines and some fuel left in the reserve tank. If you like blues and rock and some funk thrown in for good measure, this band will turn the lights on. --"
- (May 26, 2012) -

"Interstate Buffalo"

"Interstate Buffalo is a Southern rock and blues Monster!" - Sync Weekly

"Things to Do this Weekend"

The Little Rock jamming blues rock band formerly known as South 61 has changed their name to Interstate Buffalo (props on the name change.), but the crew still stirs up a rock and roll dust cloud of blues rock music with touches of country and funk as they jam on down the road. Catch the band, who deliver a scorching live set -- Sync Weekly Oct/2009 - Sync Weekly


One Step Away



Interstate Buffalo is the combination of a wide range of influences and circumstance. Originally started as an acoustic blues cover band in 2006, Interstate Buffalo has grown to a full on electrified experience, known for their blistering guitar work and scorching live sets. Members include Jack Poff on vocals and rhythm guitar, local guitar instructor Stephen Compton on lead guitar, Chris "Scooter" Chandler on bass, and Nick Reeves on drums. Recent shows have the band playing a Southern-favorites mix of covers and originals with a blues, funk and classic rock theme, and they always bring out the jam wherever they play, often skipping breaks and continuing on for hours at a time -- a true crowd pleaser for sure! This approach to music has earned Interstate Buffalo a solid following and a reputation among central Arkansas music venues. Whether its 4:30am at Midtown or a cold Thursday night at the Afterthought, the house is full and the music's groovin!!

Interstate Buffalo is proud to have received a few recognitions over the years. They we chosen to perform at the 2009 Waka Winter Classic and played on the emerging artist stage at the 2010 Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival. They headlined the 2010 Mid Summers Night Jam and returned to open the 2011 event. They have also been a staple for the past four years at the local "SAVE THE BISCUIT" fundraiser that helps raise money for the famed KING BISCUIT Festival in Helena AR, a cause close the bands heart.

Interstate Buffalo is scheduled to enter the studio in January 2012 to record their first full length album due out later that year. In the meantime, they'll still be tearin it up and helping people shake that money maker. Find them on facebook or at Follow the Heard