Interstate Buffalo

Interstate Buffalo

 Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Interstate Buffalo conjures images of powerful stampeding animals moving across the American highways and our sound is a reflection of that name. We'll bring it to you hard and fast with some blues, rock and funk thrown in for good measure. Grab hold as we tear it up on down the road!!


Interstate Buffalo is the combination of a wide range of influences and circumstance. Originally started as an acoustic blues cover band in 2006, Interstate Buffalo has grown to a full on electrified experience, known for their blistering guitar work and scorching live sets. Members include Jack Poff on vocals and rhythm guitar, local guitar instructor Stephen Compton on lead guitar, Chris "Scooter" Chandler on bass, and Nick Reeves on drums. Recent shows have the band playing a Southern-favorites mix of covers and originals with a blues, funk and classic rock theme, and they always bring out the jam wherever they play, often skipping breaks and continuing on for hours at a time -- a true crowd pleaser for sure! This approach to music has earned Interstate Buffalo a solid following and a reputation among central Arkansas music venues. Whether its 4:30am at Midtown or a cold Thursday night at the Afterthought, the house is full and the music's groovin!!

Interstate Buffalo is proud to have received a few recognitions over the years. They we chosen to perform at the 2009 Waka Winter Classic and played on the emerging artist stage at the 2010 Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival. They headlined the 2010 Mid Summers Night Jam and returned to open the 2011 event. They have also been a staple for the past four years at the local "SAVE THE BISCUIT" fundraiser that helps raise money for the famed KING BISCUIT Festival in Helena AR, a cause close the bands heart.

Interstate Buffalo is scheduled to enter the studio in January 2012 to record their first full length album due out later that year. In the meantime, they'll still be tearin it up and helping people shake that money maker. Find them on facebook or at Follow the Heard


Down in a Bad Way

Written By: Jack Poff

Down in a Bad Way
Lyrics J Poff music Compton/Chandler/Poff

Have you ever been down in a bad way and you can’t get out (2x)
Well I went down that bad way you couldn’t hear me scream or shout.

Lost driving down some highway your heads in the clouds (2x)
Pull over step out clear your head and take a look around

Little Rock to Memphis can be a long stretch of road (2x)
2 hours of memories is all a mans heart can hold

Harp On

Written By: Jack Poff

Harp On
J. Poff

I’m gonna tell you a story, perhaps it is one you heard
A little boy got a gun, shot him a mockingbird
and that mockingbird don’t do nothing but sing
Did you hear it? All it had was his song.

So you think you're a sure shot, taking aim at them all
Man with no eyes, can knock down a barking dog
There is a style to be learned before the problems solved
Will you be stand there when the hammer falls?

Patience is a virtue or that's so I’m told
Can you be the hand, for someone’s trying toil?
It might be hard on you, but it’s worse on them.
A moment, a smile, a touch; give them the most you can

Some men where mask. Some take the fall
Some men hold the cards; some ain’t got nothing at all
It's not about the hand your dealt, it the hand you play
Some hands you’re meant to win, some you give a way

Safety Net

Written By: Stephen Compton

Safety Net
by S. Compton music revised by IB

Mama said I grew up too fast Living hard, the Texas beat
In that old neighborhood You better watch just out who you meet
Cause it ain’t easy getting away From these mean Texas streets
They ain’t worried about you man That’s just the way it's gonna be

It wasn’t nothing for me To try to run away
Everybody I could see Was going down in their own way
And if I stood around I’d always get pulled right back in
That’s why I had to run Trying to get away again

And now I’m living life without a Safety Net
That’s the best chance That I could ever get
One Step away from Danger but not yet

Now I’ve got to wonder Just what will come of this
Are you lying to me baby Or is your story legit
You say you want to be with me And that’s all you want to do
Just speak the words darling' And I’ll make your dreams come true

Papa always told me, grab the money and run x2
Said I got the bullets boy, you get the gun!! X2


Written By: Jack Poff

Words J. Poff /Music Interstate Buffalo

I’ve got my camera , gonna take your picture
For all those good times we won’t remember

Your friends have all come round
And you got your best threads on
Its about time to hit the town
Party till the break of dawn

Kind of rowdy, rocking out
Energized, you scream and shout
Dance all night close the barroom down
We can sleep it off tomorrow

Out on the street and your view’s bad
Everything you see shouldn’t be there
Don’t get to loud and start a ruckus
When your picture gets out of focus


One Step Away

Set List

Good Feel Jam --> Waitin Blues, Harp On, Safety Net, Come Together (Beatles)--> Goin Down (Freddie King), Cousin --> Down to the River, Old Friend, Running After Shadows, Camera, Rockin Horse (Govt Mule) --> Ride Me High (JJ Cale) -- Rockin Horse

Sets typically last between 75 and 90 minutes, consisting of 7 to 8 original songs, coupled with 2 or 3 covers for crowd pleasers or requests. Depending on the venue, we're capable of playing a non stop 3 to 4 hours long set.

We can also cover multiple sets of blues, funk and country standards if requested.