Interstate Cowboy

Interstate Cowboy


Hot stuff\\combines American roots music in surprising ways, evoking Bob Wills one moment, Buck Owens the next, then Little Feat, yet never pinning himself down to anything but writing a good song. Review by Taylor


Interstate Cowboy, one of Colorado’s premiere Western Swing/Americana groups, boasts some of the most talented musicians in the region - if not the country. Guitar player Grant Gordy, at 26, is arguably one of the most talented new guitarists to emerge on the national music scene. Grant frequently performs with renowned musician David Grisman. Upright bassist Gene Libbea is a two-time Grammy winner and former member of the Nashville Bluegrass Band. Gene has shared the stage with everyone from Vince Gill to Sam Bush, and is a frequent player on the “E-Town” nationally-syndicated radio show. Dick Meis, on steel guitar, formerly toured with Roger Miller, Loretta Lynn and played many Nashville package shows with country music’s finest. Some say Junior Brown developed his "Git Steel" after watching Dick perform while changing from lead guitar to pedal steel when he was first getting started back in Denver. Tim Champlin is the bandleader, songwriter, and lead vocalist. Tim’s songs and vocal quality have been compared to everyone from Greg Brown, Chris Isaak and Elvis Costello to Commander Cody.
New to our lineup and one of Colorado's best Fiddler's is Ron Jones who fills out this extroidinary group of talented musicians.

Dirty Linen said of Interstate Cowboy: “This band is stocked to the gills with talent … (and songs) ranging from groove fueled, guitar cranked with a predilection to romp!


I Got Nothin

Written By: Tim Champlin

I got Nothin
I got mine
I got nothin
but time
I got you
you on my mind

Days are long
the nites are too
riding hard to get back to you
thunder rain and the wind blowing
through my hair
I'll get there

I've got no
directions to you
in my heart there's a compass that true
It leads not to North but straight to you
straight to you

I'll ride, beyond the sun
I'll ride until the day is done
I'll ride until I see your face
see your face

Everytime She Makes a Mistake

Written By: Tim Champlin

When I first hooked up with my baby, everything was just alright,
sunny side up in the morning,
the stars were shinin' at nite,
Man, I was so happy, not a doggone thing was wrong
then she made a mistake, she stayed out all nite long
CH: Everytime she makes a mistake
I stretch until I think I might break,
Patch it with a little duct tape,
fix anything with a little duct tape

Man I thouht I had an angel, big soft lilly white wings, bury your head in those feathers and you can hear an angel's heartbeat, then one nite she was flying, just a little too low, she must of hit a guide wire, cause she knocked off her pretty halo


Current- May 2008-"There's a Road" currently “charting” around 150 on the AMA on more than 30 reporting stations plus a dozen plus non reporting stations.
David Avery-Powderfinger Promotions is working radio, Mark Pucci –Press

Ranch Dance Ruckus-2002 self released locally only but airing on specialty stations and public radio, XM, European Radio, Also aired on KBCO-Boulder, CO and KQMT "The Mountain"-Both-large audience formats

Set List

1. Ranch Dance Ruckus
2. Million Miles-D
3. Lady Be Good
4. Freight Train Boogie-A
5. Edge of Cheyenne-D
6. Bride of a Trucker-G
7. Big Dream-F
8. Wine Wine Wine-G
9. I Got Nothin-Em
10. Hula Doll-G
11. Route 66-G
12. Old Cowhand-F
13. I Want to Be a Fireman-Bb
14. Take the A Train
15. Everytime She Makes a Mistake

Typical set runs approx. 60 mins. We do some classic covers, eg. Secret Agent Man, Roly Poly, Cowboy Rides Away, The Fireman, Under the Boardwalk, but no current top 40 songs