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"Review of Pressure and Twisted"

Alternative Metal/Nu-Metal

well now
hey i dig this. not to bad the guitars are mighty fine. not terribly original riffs but they sound cool either way.the lyrics are dandy and the chorus is great. good job.

Great Guitar Playing
This has some really great guitar playing in it. The vocals are ok. The song itself has good structure and composition. Sounds a lot like White Zombie.

deathy but rigid
Good hook. no doubt a very adequate arrangement. Pantera BabyI feel you and thats rare on this site

Sweet Rythm
I really liked the guitars in this song, very blended with the other instruments, but it still manages to stick out in all the right places. All I have to say is: SWEET.

Crank up the volume
This song makes me want to just turn up the volume and rock the house. I really dig the drums. The mix is excellent. This is a well produced song.

Really good production with an excellent arrangement. What gets my attention is is the drum parts. Really nice performance. The vocalist also makes an awesome job here, listening to him is like injecting power directly into my veins. I can easily relate to Machine Head when I hear this. And great!

heavy guitar
Good heavy guitar work, with a good production, not quite sure who you sound like, maybe a little Metallica. The song works and the vocals compliment this type of music.

Oh Yeha!!!

This sounds pretty good. Who does it sound like? Hmmm... Soil meets Saliva meets... I don't know. It does make a really cool listening band. Not agressive but still packs a strong mood. Cool.

The guitar riffs are awsome, I like the lead guitar. The vocals go so good with the song its excelent. The song just flows it is put together so well.

Is this Danzig's brother singing?
This song has a nice groove to it but stays brutal at the same time. Nice guitar work. Vocals sound like fucking Danzig. This band definitely rocks! A lot of potential here guys keep it up!

nice opening riff.........
was bangin my head right from the get go.
Performance was the shit. song starts off strong and kicks your ass.
vocals was a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting that. He sounds good but a little pitchy in some parts. Maybe a different key would fit him singing this better....
guitars are good. Nice tone overall but the main riffs get a little boring to me. I like the way you opened it but the rest kinda fall off my plate a little bit. Not bad but cool. nice harmonics... good solo too!!
Band sounds good together but lack that extra drive to bring them to the next level.
Good luck....... -


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


INTERVAL was formed in 1998 . With a relentless attitude and a versatile style the boys have meshed together everything they love musically and accomplished a unique sound that relates to all generations. The listener is immediately struck with a chunky, ear rattling guitar riff accompanied by a gut wrenching drum and bass line moving on to a powerful anthem that will be remembered for days to come. Dedicated and focused, INTERVAL will never surrender and will continue to be a force to contend with.

Currently, INTERVAL is writing new material and will be playing a number of shows in the LA and OC area.

From Now Into The Future . . . INTERVAL is planning to record more material under the record label, BLENDZOL MUSIC. By mid 2005, they are planning to produce, record and distribute a 10-12 song CD in Europe, Japan, and other potential markets around the world.